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Greenhouse Government Grant Money For Wife Of Stroke Disabled Man

by Ann Nyswonger
(Portland, TN, USA)

May 31, 2007 marked a change in our family as a whole. My husband David had a massive stroke at the age of 52 years young.

He has aphasia, cognitive, and motor skills dysfunction. He cannot properly use the right side of his body.

Can he walk? Yes. Can he dress himself and eat? Yes.

What is normal for people is not for him. He cannot communicate with the spoken or written language. It is a hit and miss for our family.

We were semi-retired; I had a home sewing business and David had pulled his insurance license.

We were not homeowners, had debt and were living paycheck to paycheck. The main problem was that we had no health insurance.

When this occurred I took each day at a time - read the books, talked to the experts; walk in my shoes - no one can dictate what a family goes through when an act of human nature occurs.

I had to file bankruptcy to cover the medical and personal obligations. I had to learn to drive a vehicle, and then after one year surviving on friends and family I received disability for David.

It didn't cover the medical, living expenses. I went to seek employment at 55 years of age. I work in a grocery store full time, which makes me leave David at home alone with his dogs for companions.

It is not the greatest choice that I have made but financially the feasible one. I would like to have funds to build David a greenhouse that he can go into and plant his vegetables (to give him a daily purpose to live) and to keep him occupied while I am gone.

Stroke victims work on a different network than you and I. Let me put it this way; sometimes I come home and David is there; sometimes I come home and David is not there.

I have been married 30 years: 27 to my husband and 3 to another person that occupies my husband's body.

I'm not asking for the sun, just a little spot to let him bask in and to relieve the tedious boredom that occurs when left alone.

Thank you for listening to me. God Bless, Ann.

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Mar 19, 2013
How to find benefits
by: Don from Accessible.org

Hello Ann,

Please go to this page for step by step instructions on how to get started with the federal government website that helps you find benefits you are eligible for:


Not many people are aware of this, so you could be surprised at what you find.

Let us know what you find.

All the best!
Don from Accessible.org

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