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Gunshot And Multiple Sclerosis Disabled Man Seeks Grant For Life Success

by Brandon O. Severs, Sr.
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Hello! I am Brandon Severs Sr., a 29-year-old native of Las Vegas, NV. I am a very happily married father of one amazing little boy, Brandon Jr.

My story begins nearly seven years ago. While doing stand up comedy at a local church I met my beautiful wife, Shadorda. I am a minister and Christian Comedian.

Four months into our blissful union, three assailants invaded our home. I did not try to fight the intruders. I was more concerned with protecting my three month pregnant bride.

While I tried to protect her I was shot. The injury left me immediately paralyzed. I spent about a year in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

When I was shot I broke my left leg and ankle as my lifeless body plummeted to my bedroom floor where we were seeking some sort of safety from the intruders.

As time went on, my left leg healed; however my ankle did not. I was told by doctors and specialists not to concern myself with my ankle, because I was now paralyzed and if I were to ever walk again they would fuse my shattered bones together.

As time went on my anklebone disintegrated. In 2009, due to an acute infection in the leg that spread into my blood stream, nearly killing me, I had to choose between losing my leg or my life. I chose my life.

Later on this year, I began to experience numbness in my face and arms. Knowing that these are symptoms of a stroke, I alerted my physician.

After several CAT scans and MRIs I was given earth-shattering news. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Even through all of this I have remained positive and focused on improving my life and the lives of my family. I have written two books. One will be published in January of 2010.

The second is a cookbook titled, "Two Wheels, One Hand and A Pan." It's a compilation of all the recipes that I have created while I continue my joy of cooking while in this wheelchair.

I have decided that I am going to open a restaurant and I need a government grant to financially complement my talent of cooking for the success of a restaurant.

Life is great. Obstacles are successes waiting to be discovered and I am on the journey of success exploration.

Thank you very much for taking time to read as I briefly relay events in my life that have classified me as disabled.

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Aug 31, 2015
The Workbook will help!
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Brandon,

You should be moving on to the Workbook now. It will show you how to use your story to get the help you need whether it's disability grants or benefits of any sort.

Don Coggan

Dec 05, 2009
29 years old and disabled
by: Anonymous

I love your positive attitude. My husband was shot in the head at age 29. You sound like someone that I would like to go eat at his restaurant just to see if some of your positive attitude would rub off on me.

I hope and pray that your family will get all that you need. I am only posting a comment here because we also are in need.

It really is good to see other people's situation. I wish I could help everyone as well as ourselves. I can offer you prayer which is one of the greatest privileges we have as humans. Thanks be to God and his son Jesus Christ.

You gave me a big jolt of encouragement, and I thank you for that. Michael and Belinda Margison

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