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Handicap Home And Vehicle Grants For Couple With Multiple Disabilities

by Linda
(Williamstown, Kentucky, USA)

I am 51 years old, married. My Husband is also disabled right now, and on early retirement. We do not have children.

I had a stroke when I was born. It left me disabled with a condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome.

This condition causes paralysis of my right side, scoliosis, severe neck and back pain, and loss of balance.

Over the years, I developed arthritis throughout my body. I also have been diagnosed with bulging discs of the lower back, nerve damage and bad knees. (I had to have surgery on my left knee.)

In addition, I had to have surgery on my right ankle to fuse it so that I would be able to walk properly, which I do, but with a limp.

I have pain and nerve discomfort, and degenerative disc disorder.

I cannot sleep at night. The vertebrae in my back lock up.

My husband is also disabled, and receiving his early retirement, so we have a very limited income.

I need someone to help me with finding a program, or grant, or to fight Social Security for help in getting a home built to my disability needs. (Social Security seems to only help families with children, or veterans with wheelchairs.)

We have a very low income. Sometimes we cannot afford our medications. We both are not able to work. I do have a cane, neck brace and a lumbar pillow.

I asked my doctor for a chair or furniture to help with my back and neck pain. Medicare will not cover me for these items.

We have a very old car, which has seats that do not support my neck and back. It would be very helpful to have a home with handicap features. By features I mean, raised toilets, walk in bathtubs, raised sink counters, lower cabinets, and handicapped bars around the home for my balance problem.

I get Social Security Disability, and I am not able to work. My husband is disabled right now, and receiving early Social Security Retirement.

He has been trying to subsidize his retirement by raising Great Pyrenees Puppies. We have approached local churches, and organizations for help. They have not been able to give us any help.

I am looking for grants to help me purchase a home with my handicapped needs, in a rural area.

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