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Handicap Home Buying Government Grant For Accident Disabled Paraplegic

by Jeffrey Shelton
(Ringgold, VA, USA)

Hi, I am 40 years old and the father of three, two sons and one stepson. I've been happily married for 18 years.

I like to go outside and spend time with my family.

I am a paraplegic that was paralyzed in a wreck in 2002 and became disabled and draw social Security.

I was paralyzed from under my armpits down and my Thoracic-5 vertebrate was completely crushed. I was cut under my right arm and had my ribs broken and lung collapsed.

I was told by numerous Doctors that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but thanks be to God and many prayers, I can stand and walk very short distance now.

I have a Baclofen Pump implanted in me to pump Lioresal directly into my spine to calm the raging spasms in my legs. Without any Spasticity in my legs I would not be able to stand at all.

So it is a very complicated process getting the pump correct with the amount of medicine that needs to be injected 24/7 nonstop into my spine.

I have a neurostimulator implanted as well, because my lumbar five and six ruptured. It is a complicated device that has to be charged weekly.

Two metal wires from the device insert into the spine as far as the doctor can get them to go, in my case up to the Thoracic-6.

Medtronic, the maker of my pump and neurostimulator, has many settings to program. The idea is to get a stimulation feeling to the nerves where I have pain so that my brain will focus on the stimulation feeling instead of the pain.

This is very hard to get just right. I have had it since 2008 and it still is not doing the best to keep the pain away.

It makes it very hard to sit long and even try to walk or stand for any amount of time. I spend a lot of days just lying in bed, especially when it is cold or rainy outside.

I am not giving up. I'm just gonna keep fighting and pushing forward for the Lord and my family.

I have to pay out of pocket for my pump to be refilled every six months. It's not cheap. The law passed last year says that if the pharmaceutical company does not give Medicare a discount then they will not pay anything on the medicine.

Medtronic makes the powder that has to be sent to a specialist to make it a liquid form to be injected into my pump. Since Medtronic is not a pharmaceutical company, Medicare will not pay.

To apply for Medicaid help (which will not pay for Lioresal), I have to have a nurse sit with me two hours a day five days a week. This is to get help with other medicines that Medicare will not pay for.

Examples of these other medications are Xanax and Klonopin. They help me with spasticity and with sleeping, something that is hard to do when you're in a lot of pain.

I am also on Loritab for pain. I only take one a day. I try to make it through the rest of the day with Tylenol.

I have been fortunate to get most of my equipment with the help of Medicaid. Still, I sometimes have to pay out of pocket. Bowel program items are almost $100 a month.

I got pretty lucky and was granted Disability on my first try and got my Social Security. A local motorcycle club in my area paid for the wood and a friend built me a handicap ramp to come out of my doublewide.

Also a member of my church come to my house and built me a concrete walkway from the porch to my gravel driveway. He paid for all of it out of his own pocket, after many years of trying to get help from government agencies.

I do not qualify for food stamp or heating or cooling assistance because they say I make ten dollars too much. The same goes for free lunch for my kids at school.

With my situation it is impossible for me to find work, because I can't get forty hours and no insurance and the main thing is, companies see me as a liability of getting hurt very easily.

I am looking for a grant to help me pay off some credit cards that have been maxed out from expenses that none of my insurance would cover.

I was also looking at a handicap accessible house because my doublewide is no longer working for me. Bathrooms and doors aren't big enough for me to get around easily in my power chair.

Also my power chair gets hung up in the screen door every time I even try to go outside. It makes any kind of outside life very limited, unless I get in my wheelchair and have my wife or son try to push me around in our hilly and rooted up yard.

With the policies of banks now days, I can't get a Rural Development loan for several reasons. I have a trailer in my name, but it's on a title not a deed. It's in a trailer park and not on a permanent foundation. I do not own the land; I pay rent for the lot.

I can't get an FHA loan because the trailer is in my name and I was going to lease to own it to my in-laws. My mortgage company will not let anyone assume the loan. They told me they would not refinance it either because they do not do loans anymore.

Also, FHA policy is that to get a loan you have to be renting or leasing your home for two years before they can count it as income. I have never had a FHA loan; my loan is conventional. How can you rent or lease something for two years? Where do I live in this time, so I can apply for this loan?

I finally found a mortgage company willing to help, but I need to come up with the down payment for the house.

I also need some money to make some upgrades like a ramp and a very short sidewalk to the paved level driveway, instead of the one I have now, which is uphill.

The porch needs to be replaced. This would allow me to go outside instead of feeling like I have to stay in the house all the time.

I was looking for help with down payment. I did have some money saved up to go toward the down payment, but used it to pay off two of my credit cards. This happened when I tried another bank, which dragged out process, never giving me a answer for a whole summer.

I paid off two of my three cards on the advice of the mortgage company. They said that by reducing my debt, I would show a better debt to income ratio.

I am doing my best to try and do this on my own, but it is just impossible. I have never been one to ask for help, but it is time to swallow the pride.

I want a house that I can call my own. I want to feel like I can move around in it and go outside and do things with my family. That would be a lot better than sitting in the house looking out the window watching them from the inside.

I'm tired of being the burden. I want to be as independent as possible and be involved in my family's life. Any help will be appreciated very much by me and my family.

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