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Head Pain Disabled Marine Veteran Seeks Grant To Build Home And Greenhouse

by Ronnell Storie
(Linden, Texas, USA)

I am a 43-year-old head pain disabled Marine veteran and single guy from Linden, Texas. I live with my parents. I have no kids.

I served four years in the Marines. I was on active duty during the first Gulf War. I was stateside and saw no action.

I have had two heart attacks and two stent placements, the last one this past February.

I have a headache that never goes away. Medication does make it somewhat bearable.

I have constant pain in my neck and back. I have bone spurs in both. The tissue between my disks is compressing and wearing away. One disk in my neck is bulging.

My high blood pressure and acid reflux are minor details.

I have no income. I have to live with and depend on my parents for food, housing and clothing, and $13,000 for three people doesn't go very far.

I don't drive. With my headaches I get dizzy spells. I'm afraid of blacking out while driving. My truck isn't tagged, stickered, or insured. It just sits in the driveway. No money for that.

I get most of my medication through the VA, or else I would have to do without. I applied an application to Bristol Myers to get my Plavix. No way I could afford over $300 for a 30-day supply of pills.

About 10 minutes at a time is most I can work without taking a break. I give out and have to rest, that is if my back even holds up that long.

I have applied and been denied disability. I filed an appeal. It may be six months to a year before the hearing. What little I get in food stamps does help out.

I'm looking for a grant to build a home and greenhouse. This would need to include the land.

I could eventually make a business of the greenhouse. It would be in the black after the first two years. I'd have eight to nine months to grow flowers to sell to individuals and grow my own vegetables to eat.

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