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Hearing And Accident Disabled Mother Seeks Better Life Grant Money

by Shannon Peterkin
(Wilson, NC, USA)

Dy'Mani & Messiah

Dy'Mani & Messiah

I am deaf, can read lips, and talk. I am 25 years old and mother of 2 boys that are 2 and 3 years old.

I've been with my significant other for 5 years. For years we have been struggling trying to make ends.

I was living off my father's death benefits. It pretty much covers the bills that need to be paid.

I do not get more that $66 for my disability. But that does not cover our needs.

When we lost our house, we moved in with his mother until we got on our feet. When we did it is still hard. I got a job, but what I make doesn't cover all the bills that need to be paid.

We are tired of worrying about the lights going out, the kids being in the dark, food going to waste, and if we cannot keep up with the rent we could get put out.

It is hard for us. We do not get any support from our family. One day when our cable and Internet got cut off my boys were so sad, because they could not watch any of their Nick Jr. shows.

I felt bad because I could not explain to them that I did not have the money to pay for the cable, and I put it on the lights instead.

My son tells me he want to go to school, because right now I am taking online courses for my degree to be a guidance counselor or social worker.

We do not have the money to pay someone to babysit, or put them in the daycare. When I am working on my assignment I know it is very important for me not to have any distractions.

But at the same time I do not want them to feel like I am paying more attention to my computer than them.

The other reason why I want them in the daycare is for them to communicate better with other children.

I really want to get my higher education degree so I can better myself, be able to own a home, get a better paying job, and earn better income for me and my family.

I would be so happy if we had a better apartment to live in with a better neighborhood, which we cannot afford at this moment.

We do not have a car. I am tired of walking or riding on the bus, or depending on someone for transportation.

I am working at a department store part-time, and their father is looking for job. It is really hard. It took me 5 years to get a job!

If he cannot find a job he will go back to school, because it seems like nowadays jobs want to hire someone that has more experience or higher education than high school diploma.

Sometime my leg starts to act up because of all that standing, and walking around. It gets really painful but I just bear it, and put a smile on my face because I am doing this for us.

I was in a terrible car accident in 2004. I am still having a lot of pain in my leg. If I put too much pressure on it, it swells up.

I just want the best for my boys. I do not want them to go through the same thing we did when we were growing up as a child.

I want to avoid moving around too much, not being able to afford the clothes and shoes they need, running low on food, or sleeping in the cold.

I just want them to have nice toys, warm clothes, shoes, and a safer home. We are really trying, but I do not think we can do it alone.

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