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Heart Attack And Arthritis Afflicted Joan Wants Disability Chair Ramp Grant

by Joan Harsha
(DeMotte, Indiana, USA)

I am a 66-year-old mother of two adult sons and two young grandsons. I've been married 40 years. I was a working mother for many of those years.

Both sons attended college and received degrees. During the recent financial crisis my husband had to take a change in his position, which meant a substantial loss of earning. It was at this time I could no longer work.

Disability Issues

In the fall I had a heart attack, which consequently forced me to have a triple by-pass surgery. Recovery was slow, as I had developed an infection at the wound site.

I had severe back pain and was diagnosed with arthritis. I had more surgery putting 6-9 screws in my back with two rods and four terms of physical therapy

Financial Hardship

The job loss (mine) and my husband's transfer put an extra burden on us financially.

We pay a lot for medications, and I have doctor visits on a weekly basis. I see my regular and I go to ANPC (pain management).

We sold our home and downsized as much as possible in our everyday activities. We purchased new flooring and have been trying to keep up on house repairs.

Our savings are gone.

Income Efforts

So far we have managed to keep afloat, but as time progresses I lose more and ability to function alone.

I do collect SSI, but now to get through this next year we will need help. We do not have any way to make extra income from home.

I have no hearing in my left ear, and my left arm has diabetic problems. My husband's job is now in Illinois and he does not get home at a decent hour, to help me.

Specific Needs

We need help for a chair ramp, door widening and motorized chair. Since my hands don't work I need all the help I can get. It would be so helpful to get a grant.

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