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Heart Defect Disabled Nurse Seeks Education Grant To Help Others

by Kelli
(Pottstown, PA, USA)

I am 48 years old. I just live with two dogs. I have been disabled since 2003.

I was working as an RN in an ICU at the hospital after obtaining my associates degree in nursing when I developed chest pain.

I was told after a cardiac catheterization that I have a congenital defect in my heart and also severe endothelial dysfunction. This meant that all my vessels don't do what they should at the right times which causes pain.

I couldn't breathe through these excruciating episodes. Vessels would shut blood supply off from organs at times.

Disability Issues

I have severe coronary endothelial dysfunction. The vessels throughout my body are dysfunctional. I have congenital heart defect. I have severe asthma and my stomach shut down a year ago due to vessels.

I am on multiple medicines to control the disease process. I also have lower back herniations due to my disease. My disease process is now under control but I must get a low-key nursing job, which all requires a bachelor's degree.

Financial Hardship

I had to stop working in 2003, two years after I got my RN position. This was because stress triggered more episodes as per my cardiologist.

Then I got hurt falling down the stairs during one of my episodes with my heart. I have four herniations in my lower back and some in my neck.

I have a mortgage to pay, credit cards, a car that needs repair, costs for monthly medications that are over $500 a month, insurance, and visits to specialists that need to be consistently done.

I live alone and only have social security income.

Income Efforts

I have limitations on lifting due to heart and back aches. I have no family members that can help me financially. I cannot get another nursing job that is not stressful with long hours.

I need a bachelor degree for teaching and school nursing jobs. These are low key nursing jobs that I can do as per my doctors.

Specific Needs
I need grants/free money that I don't have to pay back. I have very limited income and do not qualify for any medical assistance or government help. My income exceeds their standards by $50!

I want to get grants to get my bachelor degree in nursing. This way, I can go back to work as a school nurse or teacher in health field.

I want to feel normal again.

I worked so hard to get my RN license. I want to be able to use it to help people.

Business Ideas

My business idea would be to start a nursing care program. This is for homebound people who need assistance with daily activities or medical care.

I would hire nurses to do home visits. I would be in charge to set up their home visits and plan of care. I will work with their insurance carriers to give them the low cost care they need.

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Nov 21, 2012
There Is More You
by: Claudy

Benefits.gov is your answer. It's great! A complete index of all government agencies. Take the simple statistical survey and instantly a list of all government agencies that offer the help you qualify for is generated. Complete with addresses and contact information. You will love it!

I thought I had applied for all the help possible from four agencies like Social Security. I was amazed when my list had thirty five agencies. I'm sure you will be too! You just need to be made aware. I get it.

I wish for a heap of luck coming to you real soon. One of my sisters is a RN. So now it's your turn to be helped.

Good luck.

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