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Hernia Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money And Mesh Lawsuit Legal Aid

by Todd Maiuccoro
(Ballston Spa, NY, USA)

I am a 42-year-old white male living in Ballston Spa NY. I am divorced because of my medical situation.

I have had 15 multiple hernia operations that started when I was four years old. I started getting a hernia when I was around 25.

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I would have surgeries for it, then a few months later another one would appear because of the mesh being broken inside of me.

The last one was October 6 2009. During that surgery they implanted a prolene mesh, which broke while I was in the hospital, causing an infection and a high fever.

They did some tests on me and couldn't figure out why I had a fever of 103. They decided to do another procedure and found the mesh broke.

It had infected my fistula and took apart some of my intestine. They put on an ostomy on me. After surgery, I woke up with it on not knowing what it was and ripped it off of me. Big mistake.

I stayed in the hospital for a few months. Then I went home and for six months had nurses come in twice a day for bandage changes.

After I got home I was really depressed and did not eat so I got kidney failure. After almost dying I ended up in Saratoga hospital for a month

Then I went back home to still have nurses come in and bandage me up for six months. Finally in July 2011 I got a reversal of the ostomy.

I have more hernias and can never work again. I've seen a couple of special surgeons that know about this. They told me it would be to risky to operate and I could die or have a permanent ostomy.

I get $200 in food stamps a month and Medicaid. I am going through a tough time financially.

I live in my mom's house and don't pay rent although I should. The house is paid for and I drive one of her cars.

I can barely make it by with my money after paying cable, water and garbage. If I am lucky I may have $100 left to last me a month.

I have DDS but not SSI. They took me off SSI because I got a small settlement which I used to pay off some debts.

Since I did not save receipts and they never told me I had to save receipts they wont give it back. I just get SSDI 683 a month.

I am seeking help to either help me pay off more debt to improve my credit, which is 528. I would also like to try and find a lawyer who would take my case for a mesh lawsuit.

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Jun 23, 2012
Time of the essence
by: Todd Maiuccoro

I have until October 6th of of this year to file suit. I am hoping I can get advice and some help soon so I can get a lawyer to help me sue Prolene mesh. Thank you very much.

Todd Maiuccor

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