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Hernia Disabled Nevada Father Seeks Grant Money For Medical Expenses

by Anthony D'Addario
(Sun Valley, NV, USA)

I'm a 46-year-old man living in Nevada. I can't get any help from the state, in particular to fix a hernia.

The state of Nevada said, "If it won't kill you we won't help you." Isn't that great?

In pain, I went to my county hospital (Renown Medical Hospital) because I had blood in my stools and urine, along with frequent urination. So they admitted me and gave me something for the pain.

The next morning they gave me a colonoscopy and then took me back to my room. The doctor then came in and said "Guess what, you know you have two hernias and an internal hemorrhoid."

They say it can't be fixed. When I told him I don't have insurance, he said that they were going to discharge me and I could go home.

Another doctor told my son and me, "Don't worry come and see me at my office." He knew ahead of time that I didn't have insurance.

My son and I then went to the appointment. He did his exam and sent me to make an appointment for surgery and the receptionist told me that they needed $5,000 up front for them and the hospital will want $10,000.

I just don't understand how they can do this to someone. They tell you don't worry about the money and then do something like that.

I have looked all over the Internet for some kind of foundation or grant. The government doesn't give grants to a person. They give them to the foundations and corporations.

I have lost my home and I'm flat broke and living with my son's best friend. I wish I could pay him back some day. He took me off the street after I lost my job because I can't stand longer than ten minutes.

In Nevada there is a right to work. Yet they can just let you go because they don't care about the people that work for them.

Please help. There's nowhere to go. My daughter, who is 12 years old, will not have a Christmas from me this year because I have spent every cent trying to fix my health problems.

Still, she tells me, "It's okay dad as long as I have you." It just breaks my heart every time I see her face.

So if you can help in any way I will do anything that needs to be done for the help. Thank you for your time and may you have a blessed day.

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