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HIV Disabled Danial Seeks Grant Help For Income Supplementing Home Biz

by Danial Walker
(Delhi, Ontario, Canada)

I'm a 53-year-old single male living alone in Delhi, Ontario, Canada.

I volunteer at the local school board archives as it gives me something to do to get out of my apartment and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I get to organize the collection and help others.

I also play video games and watch television, as I don't have a lot of close friends but these things are satisfying.

I also work on historical books when I can.

Disability Issues

I got HIV and it continues to cause complications. The meds used to treat it have now caused some liver disease.

I'm tired a lot of the time and also have diabetes, which in and of itself doesn't slow me down, but there is some kidney disease.

I have to take meds to prevent getting gout and some days when I walk am extremely stiff.

Financial Hardship

I've tried to find work to do at home to supplement my income but it is difficult. I periodically have to go to Hamilton to St. Joseph's, which has no really good priced parking, and periodically to a doctor in Toronto for HIV and of course my family doctor in Simcoe.

There isn't public transportation here so people need to have a car. There are some blood tests and a hospital test that I have to do but they are not covered by OHIP. There is one med given to me by the doctor as I it is not covered as well.

Paying day-to-day bills is extremely hard given the income I have. It's never enough for food, rent, car insurance.

Income Efforts

I've talked with friends and family and no one has any spare cash to give.

I've tried to find work at home jobs to supplement my income but they have not been successful.

I receive amounts from Canada Pension, and from ODSP, however this still leaves me financially strapped.

One person said I should be an Internet storefront, but the sites all require $50 to set up.

Specific Needs

I seek grants and advice on what I can do to keep going to the best of my ability, even words of encouragement.

I need help with travel for certain appointments, as parking at St. Joseph's in Hamilton is expensive.

I take the train for a specialist in Toronto and while it may be odd that I still use this particular doctor, he gave me a lot of help when I first became HIV positive.

I'd like to be able to eat properly, have some entertainment and get to my appointments.

Business Idea

I would like to publish local history books as I have several ideas and a lot of material to draw upon to do this as I have a degree in history and one in archival science.

I would need a new computer and printer for this. I have had success in the past with local history books and know this is a niche that I could go into and get a small supplement to my income.

There would also be some printing costs for the first book. I have found printers that will do short runs so as to avoid having a large inventory.

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Oct 20, 2014
Thank you
by: Danial

Thank you for publishing my story.

Oct 20, 2014
Home Business Opportunities
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org


Good for you with your plan to supplement your income with a home business. You might want to watch this video that explains the match between your content and the niche market you are addressing.


Let us know what you think. We are here to help.

Don Coggan

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