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Home And Van Buying Grant Money For Spinal Cord Injury Disabled Photographer

by Neil
(Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA)

My name is Nathaniel, but I prefer to be called Neil. I'm divorced, with no children.

I have a close, supportive family, but we're not wealthy. I've been handicapped since birth, so no military service, unfortunately.

I live alone in government-subsidized housing. It's a nice apartment, but it's only one bedroom, and I'm in need of more room.

I live with two cats, and would love to get a house where I could get another cat and possibly a dog.

I've been disabled since birth, due to doctor negligence. Three vertebrae were crushed, along with my spinal cord.

I've never been able to walk, and I've never had much sensation from my waist down. I do the best I can, but some days are easier than others.

With all the laws changing in Wisconsin and the nation, finding help for anything is very difficult.

I've tried searching for grants for years, but it always ends up with me being told I need to check with a different agency. It's very discouraging.

I was told by one state agency that they could help me with photographic equipment, to help me start a business... only to be declined after eight months of being told they could help me.

Then after jumping through all their hoops for over a year, I got declined for a new manual wheelchair.

I just want the "American Dream"... to be able to buy a decent house of my own, a reliable vehicle and some photographic equipment.

Photography has become a hobby over the last 10 years, and I would love to pursue it further, but would need more equipment.

Plus if I can get a house, I would have more room for setting that possible equipment up and using it.

I only get State and Federal SSI, roughly $900 a month. After rent, bills, groceries, etc., I'm left with very little. If I try to work, SSI will take money and medical coverage away from me. I can't afford that.

I'm looking for grants! I especially want to get better housing, and a new or close-to-new van that is set up to get my wheelchair in and out of easily.

I'm also looking for a grant to buy photographic equipment. I'm on an extremely limited income, so I can't take out loans.

I'm not even sure I can get a business grant. I'd love to have a small photography studio, but I haven't put much thought into it. I never thought I could afford it.

It would just be me, to begin with, running it.

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