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Home Business Grant For Hearing Disabled Veteran And Cancer Disabled Wife

by Edward
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I am a 64-year-old disabled male veteran of the Vietnam era from 1966 to 1968.

I've been married for 41 glorious years to my wonderful soul mate Louise.

Louise developed breast cancer September 2010 and has gone through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

She was a very active real estate agent and now is just trying to get through rehabilitation every day.

We have one wonderful son Justin recently married to a terrific gal Holly. He is a 9-year Navy veteran of the Gulf War.

He has been paying Louise's health insurance, as I could not afford it. Louise's cancer medication Femara (a preventative) costs approximately $600 a month.

Come January 1st we have a deductible to pay in the amount of $5,000. I do not know how we will pay for this.

My disability has to do with a broken thumb I received on an Army softball team in Heidelberg, Germany 1967 and loss of hearing due to artillery fire that I directed.

I have recently been retested and they found my hearing has gotten much worse. For me the ringing is terrible to deal with.

I am classified 20% service connected disabled. Louise has just been classified disabled with the social security administration last week.

Our situation is that in December of 2009 I had a heart attack that put me in the social security disability category.

With medical bills about $150,000 for one week in the hospital, and not knowing all I had to tell them I was a disabled veteran and all would have been taken care of, we had to file bankruptcy, which came to fruition in October, 2010.

We had wiped out our small business 401ks, our savings accounts due to my and Louise's illnesses. Come January, I will approach our mortgage holder, Bank of America, and see if we can modify our existing mortgage. Like most we are upside down, but thank God, we are not in arrears yet.

We own a home inspection company, Sherlock Home Inspections of Las Vegas, where I book inspections and have another certified inspector do the inspections and we split the fee.

I am able to generate a few hundred dollars a week sometimes. Sometimes we do not have inspections to perform. This certainly helps with the bills.

Both Louise and I collect social security disability insurance. This pays a good portion of our mortgage. We are needless to say barely getting by. With the help every so often from our son we are making ends meet.

We are looking for a grant to start a small business, something that Louise and I can control and definitely do ourselves.

Should the need arise we would hire part-time help. We can operate from home so there is no need in the beginning to worry about office space.

We are looking for a grant to start a small business of purchasing storage units and then turning around immediately the items we come in contact with.

We would sell via eBay, craigslist, pawnshops, charities, garage sales and salvage yards (scrap metal).

These are the outlets for certain items and our hope is to double our money on what we spend for a unit very quickly.

We have experience with eBay, craigslist and garage sales and we have attended storage unit auctions in the past and we feel strongly we can make this opportunity work.

It would take just a little physical effort and perhaps a little help from our son and new daughter-in-law as willing participants.

A grant would allow us to invest in a used vehicle for transport, say a used Jeep or older van.

As to storage, we can use the facility we purchased or a new unit if necessary and we also have a 3-car garage available.

We do not intend for items to stay long. Projected sales in the range of $2,000-3,000 a month are realistic. A grant of $25,000 would be ideal.

The only costs are our time and the price of a unit we would purchase. The cost of gasoline to drive to various storage facilities would be an important factor.

We already have minimal computer and Internet access.

I thank you for your time and should there be any questions we could help with please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank You.

Louise and Edward Albrecht

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