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Home Buying Grant For MS Disabled PTSD Depression Suicide Survivor

by Jodie
(Cass City, MI, USA)

I am a 41-year-old married man with one stepdaughter. My wife is 36 years old and stepdaughter is 5 years old.

I suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and depression after the suicide in 2004 of my previous life-partner of 11 years.

In the years following, my physical health began to spiral downward as well, and the result was a diagnosis of relapse-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2007.

I am receiving social security disability, since I was no longer able to work in 2009.

My SSD payment is not very much due to my age, and my wife works part-time and goes to school online full time, trying to obtain a bachelor's degree so she can support us.

In the meantime, our income is just above poverty, so we do not qualify for food assistance.

I only have Medicare and my wife has no health insurance. Due to having to wait for my SSD benefits to begin, we went severely into debt, having to use credit cards to survive.

I began receiving my benefits as of 2010, but we do not make enough to pay our daily living expenses, let alone catch up on medical and credit debt.

This in turn has ruined our credit rating, and we are unable to get financing for housing and must continue to rent.

We both drive old, used vehicles that are paid for, but we cannot afford to upgrade them because we do not have the resources to make a car payment, on top of our expenses.

Since I have Medicare only, and cannot afford to buy prescription coverage, we also pay out-of-pocket for my prescriptions and also pay all out-of-pocket if my wife needs any medical care.

Although I do receive SSD, we do not qualify for SSDI. My wife works part-time. I do play in a local band that I receive intermittent cash payments for performing, but it is not a regular paying job.

I have never received any donations, grants, or benefits from a church. My wife and I also occasionally have a garage sale and we do some reselling on eBay for extra cash.

My wife receives a small amount of child support for her daughter.

My wife is working towards a bachelor's degree in Information Technology. I have skills in this area myself and have worked for cash doing computer repairs and maintenance.

Someday we would like to combine our expertise and own our own business to support ourselves.

I am seeking help for financing a home as not only a disabled homeowner, but also as a first-time homebuyer.

I am also looking for assistance in buying a newer, more handicap accessible vehicle for myself. We also need something safer to drive for my wife to drive, since she is the one working.

Of course any other type of monetary assistance that would improve the quality of living for my family and me would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Eventually my wife and I would like to own our own business specializing in Information Technology, specifically in web design and development, IT support and maintenance, building custom computers and doing repairs.

Projected sales would be approximately $100,000 a year and start-up costs at approximately $30,000.

We already own our business name, Charmed Essentials, and have a website, www.charmedessentials.me.

This is primarily my wife's starter business, but I will be her business partner, providing the technical side of the business.

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Dec 02, 2011
by: Ken

Hi Jodie,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Today is the worst of times... until tomorrow. Thank God you have the power to strive ahead. In reality, the governments don't have any money to give. Sure you may get a note from some sector diverting you to another, and the circle goes around. They will keep you spinning until you give up and forget what direction you were heading. My brother is a webbie and he didn't have a cent to build a business, just the sense to do it. He started slow and built a website on his own. He thought of a name that might be typed in a search engine and added a .com to it. He started getting hits and put in different addresses on the page, with the different companies' permissions. Once the companies realized that it was my brother's site they were getting the hits from, they offered him money to keep their addresses on the page. Once you start networking, they may allow you to put an ad on their page for free, advertise your web building site. Then you're in business. But the sooner you start, the quicker you will build. As to fixing computers or building them, you don't really need too much money either. Buy the parts at a discount from a quality supplier, making sure you develop a relationship that they know you are in business fixing computers and will be loyal to them. After a while you may earn their trust and get credit from them. Hope this helps you.

Good luck,

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