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Home Repair Grant Help For Cancer And Chemotherapy Disabled Mother

by Ada
(Franklin, Tennessee, USA)

I am a 50-year-old mother, married for 31 years. I have four daughters, two married and two single, and five grandkids.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 in 2007. That's when my nightmare started.

I had to go through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which made me extremely sick and weak.

I developed fibromyalgia and really bad aches and pains in my joints and bones. I was on remission for a year and the cancer came back and it hit me hard.

By then I was already waiting for disability approval and because of all the pains and health issues I was confronting, the Social Security Administration approved my disability.

With the cancer coming back I had to have a double mastectomy with a flap taken from my back to reconstruct my left breast due to tissue damage from radiation done previously.

I have gone through a really hard time dealing with more chemotherapy and medication. I cannot get a job because I never know when I will feel healthy enough to go to work since I wake up every morning with a lot of pain everywhere.

I also experience bad dizziness and headaches. As a result I've had to go to the hospital to get it treated and also to see a neurologist.

The chemotherapy has affected my glucose so doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and of course more medication for my already messed up system.

In general I can't work, every morning I feel sick before getting out of bed and it continues throughout the day.

There's not much that I can do around the house and because of all the health issues doctors also put me on depression medication.

Financially we are struggling because even though my husband is working and has been for the last 21 years, he has been laid off a few times and this has put us behind on mortgage payments.

We have had to refinance a few times. We are paying a first and second mortgage and have tons of bills due every month.

Right now I am desperate because when we had the strong rains back in 2009 our crawl space flooded. FEMA came to check but actually it was more like a peek through a hole and then approving $160 for repair of air vents and mold under the house.

We have not been able to do anything about it because the estimates we got for repairs were too high for our financial situation.

Right now I am worried because of the effect on my health. That includes asthma and really bad allergies that my family is suffering because of whatever is going under the crawl space.

I owe hospitals and doctors over $20,000 and I can't afford to pay. I do pay $50 dollars a month in doctors bills every month but that is not helping much.

I take eight pills daily plus pain medication from over the counter to at least feel a little functional.

It's been very hard for us to do any repair in the house due to all this. I have a bathroom that is really in bad shape, and so is my kitchen.

Cooking is about the only thing I can still do. Even though it might only be once a day, it would be nice to do it in a decent kitchen.

My Social Security Disability check is for $577 a month. Because of the long list of bills we pay, I hardly ever see that money.

We owe Uncle Sam over $3,000 and have been struggling to pay every month and they keep adding more interest and late fees.

I wanted to work from home maybe cooking but again being on my feet for too long gives me too much pain and it lasts for days. I have no idea what to do in order to make extra income.

I am looking for some benefits maybe by not having to pay for medication Co-Pays every time.

It would be wonderful also to get a grant to make some essential home repairs. The first would be to fix the crawlspace and clear all the mold there is from water damage and leaks. The plumbing needs work as well.

Finally I would love to be able to repair my kitchen to make it decent and have energy saver windows and doors since our bills are extremely high.

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Dec 13, 2011
Help with Co-Pays
by: Don from Accessible.org


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