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Home Saving And Repair Grant For TBI Disabled Marine And Guard Veteran

by Connie Fox
(Foley, MN, USA)

My name is Connie Fox, wife to Jared, TBI disabled Marine and National Guard veteran.

Jared has served this great country for 4 years in the Marines and the last 9 years in the Minnesota National Guard.

We have been married for 7 years this month and have been blessed with one daughter, Anna. She is already 6 and enjoying the 1st grade this year.

On Jared's last tour to Iraq he was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Jared held the gunner position in his vehicle and when the IED exploded it threw shockwaves into Jared and the bulletproof glass that surrounded him causing a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Jared's TBI is focused primarily in the frontal lobe of his brain. The frontal lobe is where most of your personality and emotions lie.

Once Jared returned home to his family many things changed. Jared can no longer hold or maintain a "regular" job.

He has been evaluated by our VA hospital and has been rated at 90% disabled. Until this year the VA did not even have a category to rate a TBI and because of this we have not been able to qualify for a 100% rating.

At a 90% rating he does not qualify for their vocational rehabilitation for they do not believe he will be able to hold a job after completion.

In the same breath the VA also states that he must work because he is not disabled enough. Along with Jared's TBI he also has several compressed vertebra, muscle spasms and severe depression and mood swings.

For the last 4 months in a row the VA has withheld all of Jared's VA Disability benefits. This has greatly hurt our household.

We have been unable to pay all of our bills and have significantly fallen behind on our mortgage.

We are blessed though as far as Jared's medications are concerned; they are all fully paid for by the VA health system.

Without his depression, mood stabilizer and muscle relaxant medications, he would not be able to get up each day.

Unfortunately, with neither Jared nor I able to have a full time job Jared is the only one with medical coverage.

I have been able to have a part-time job outside of the home along with caring for my family.

The downside is that this then puts our household income just over the guidelines in order to received state assistance for food, money or medical.

Because of Jared's injuries I have had to quit my at home daycare. Jared was unable to be around all the children for my daycare business.

But he also has severe crowd anxiety and was unable to leave the home while I had children in my care.

I now stay at home to help care for him and our daughter. I am able to take in some sewing work to do at home and work part-time close to home to help support our family, but I'm unable to work full time for Jared is not able to care for our child alone.

We have been able to receive the 90% VA disability rating for a monthly benefit along with qualifying for Disability Social Security.

We are currently appealing for the VA to award Jared with 100% disability, which will literally double our income per month.

As of this month our 90% VA disability benefits have resumed; however, we are now behind and have no way to catch up… only maintain.

I am writing for this grant today in hopes to help get our family through these tough times and back onto stable financial ground.

We are currently searching for grants that would be able to help us put our household and family back on stable ground financially.

We are severely behind on our mortgage and about to lose our home. We are in need of a grant of $9591.85 in order to reinstate our loan to good standing.

We are also behind on our electric/gas with Excel energy. As of October 15, 2011 our balance due is $3427.15.

We also need to repair our furnace for we are about to move into the cold season in MN. We have been able to get by on a space heater so far but soon will be unable to as we head into true winter.

If we are able to as well we would like to repair a hot tub we own. We bought it when Jared first returned home to help with his muscle spasms and cramping.

He has been unable to have this relief because we do not have the money to repair it. It has been estimated at $850 in repairs for this water therapy.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our request.

Connie and Jared Fox

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Feb 17, 2012
Pointing you in the right direction...
by: rick

Hi Jared,

I really hope you get this. What you have to do is go to your last employer and have them write a small letter stating that you have been let go due to disabilities sustained from the military combat operations and unable to perform duties. Take it to the veteran service office and tell the representative that you want to submit the letter with an individual unemployablity claim. Make sure the owner signs the separation letter. This will put you at the 100 percent rate that's $3,000 every month when approved. If you want to talk to me, let me know here. I too suffer from TBI and it is awful. I too cannot function without meds. I also got hit by an IED while gunning. I'm infantry and I suffer 24 hours a day for the love of this great nation. Thankfully I have a woman taking care of me.

Nov 17, 2011
Cold times coming
by: Ken

Hi Connie and Jared,

I don't understand all of the paperwork that has to be done to help the people that fight for a cause that the government got involved with, even if the war was wrong. They just spent so much money sending troops over there, not thinking of caring for them after they came back, should something bad happen.

I would go to a veteran affairs lawyer to examine the case. But first I would go to a family doctor and have a complete medical exam to determine the extent of your disability. With that in hand you may stand a better chance of getting 100% disability. Perhaps you may want to visit this site:


Just copy and paste it to your browser.

Good luck,

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