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Homeless Disabled Veteran Needs Trike Kit And Motorcycle Camping Trailer

by Rodney Snyder
(Huntsville, TX, USA)

I am a 57-year-old divorced man with no children of my own, but with 2 stepdaughters and 6 step-grandchildren.

My mother is my real mother, and my dad adopted me when I was small; but no one told me about the adoption until 4 years ago.

About that time, my family practically disowned me, probably because the woman who is now married to my step-dad has a son whom she wants to inherit my mother's and dad's belongings instead of me.

Now, I am a man without any family.

I served with the 548th Army Corps of Engineers as a heavy equipment operator for only about a year, and was discharged early because of hardships on an honorable discharge.

My back is deteriorating to the point that I will probably be able to do nothing, according to my doctors, though they are not definite as to when.

I have 2 bulged discs, and the disc between them is missing so that the bulged discs rub on each other. My back is weak and I can only stand for about 30 minutes at a time.

This started in 1985 due to an accident. I also have arthritis in my back. My doctor says that the vibrations of riding a motorcycle are very therapeutic, especially with the special backrest I have.

I am bipolar and have been all my life. As long as I stay on my meds, I am okay. Riding my motorcycle is therapeutic for that, too, especially the depression.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, and am okay as long as I stay on my meds. I was diagnosed this year with cancer, and have been receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Thankfully, my tumor is rapidly decreasing. Both my eyes have bad retinas, but I can see well enough to drive as long as I wear my glasses.

My official status is that I'm disabled, on a lot of meds.

Because of my divorce, I am homeless. I was moving from Michigan to Texas in 2007 when I had a serious accident, and hurt myself even more. I was already on SS Disability.

After arriving in Texas, I stayed with a woman as her property caretaker until she told me to leave because she realized how disabled I was.

At that point, I had no place to go; so the people I am now staying with invited me to live on their property.

SS Disability provides my medications, except for the deductibles. I have medical debts totaling around $40,000.

I have not been able to work since my accident in 1985 when I hurt my back at work. Also, with all the meds I take, no one will hire me now.

I tried volunteer work, and was more in the way than I was helping. I am presently on SS Disability, but am not old enough to get SS yet.

I am allowed to work, and make up to $3,000 a year. But I can't even do that. I cannot sit or stand continually, but have to be able to move around.

I have been riding motorcycles since the 1960s. In 2006, I finally got my dream motorcycle. My desire was to travel and see this beautiful country that I once served through the U.S. Army.

Now my disability has affected my balance so that I cannot ride it. So I am seeking funds for some equipment I need: handicap adaptations for a motorcycle, which have been prescribed by my doctor.

What I want to do, and have a prescription for, is put a kit on it that basically turns the bike into a trike, solving my balancing problem.

Also, it has a reverse gear, which would help me greatly. I have already started customizing my bike for my disability needs by adding a $500 adjustable backrest.

I need a grant so I can get a Trigg Trike kit (for approximately $5,000) to put on my motorcycle, and also get a camper-trailer (approximately $4,000) to pull behind it.

If I had a trike with a camper, that would be transportation for me, with better gas mileage than a car or truck. Also, it would be a place for me to live; and I would not be so dependent on others.

My greatest desire is to tell people about Jesus, especially in these hard times. I love camping out, sitting around campfires, and talking about Jesus. A trike and camper-trailer would let me do that!

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Jul 06, 2012
HUD-VASH Program
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry that you are homeless. But you can try to get on the HUD-VASH Program because it is a housing voucher to help homeless veterans. I am currently on the HUD-VASH Program and my rent is $625, but because I am not working they pay all of my rent for me. I only pay for my electric bill and I get a small check from the housing authority to help with that also. That is great you want to tell people about Jesus. I am a Christian and I am happy that you are not ashamed to tell people about Jesus even though you are going through a lot. This will get better for you. I am also struggling. I am trying to move from FLorida to Pittsburgh so I can attend school. May God bless and keep you. I will keep you in my prayers.

May 07, 2012
Good Luck 2
by: Anonymous

I'd love to be able to help, but I'm also in the same situation with the exception that I'm not homeless yet. My home is scheduled for a foreclosure sale soon and I have applied for SS Disability. I'm afraid that they will disapprove the request because I ride, but like you I get relief from the vibration. I can't ride for long periods, but I love it. Dude, I wish you the best luck in the world. Happy riding and camping!!

Dec 04, 2011
Good luck!
by: Rick

Good Luck bro. I'm in the same type of situation but none of my bros can help. I have a Royal Enfield and will ride till I crash.

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