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Hopeful MS Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Accessible Bathroom

by Gaylan Danise Howard
(Enid, Oklahoma, USA)

Hello to all who might read this!

I have a request for assistance to help with a VERY basic need for a healthy and happy life.

I am speaking of the need for personal cleanliness! (Pardon that I'm touching on such a subject! LOL)

My home, although small and very comfortable is my haven! I have a few needs; however, my biggest need is the most expensive and detrimental to my health and happiness.

Not only is cleanliness next to Godliness - it's also extremely necessary for health as well.

I am "confined" (as stated by many) to a wheelchair to get around the house, the yard, or anywhere I go. Even though handicapped taxi-service is more expensive than "normal" service - it's needed and necessary!

My request, however, is for help to upgrade (?) - let's say renovate - my bathroom to include a shower that is accessible and safe for one who is non-ambulatory and unable to stand.

Showering, bathing, and cleanliness are important to not only myself but also society as a whole! I am managing with my current situation - that's true; however, with the difficulties I encounter, I then have no energy for other household "chores" necessary to maintain the cleanliness,

For some reason, the windows will not open so that fresh air is allowed into the house.

I did manage to (at considerable expense) have a wheelchair ramp constructed into the back of the house. It runs straight into a fence! LOL This ramp is very functional and useful if and when needed. NOW, I can escape the house if a fire occurs, etc. Thank you Lord!

At this point, I feel compelled to tell you that I have Multiple Sclerosis which has affected not only my ability to ambulate, but also weakened (and at times made useless) my left hand. I do, however, remain constant with my feelings of being blessed.

Are there avenues for people such as myself who are in need of assistance with funding, etc.? Although I have a very meager income, I am not "begging" for a handout and will attempt to do all I can to assist myself and be productive. (Did that make any sense to you? LOL)

To tell you the complete story would involve writing a book (I'm giggling here). This information, however, covers the basics of the situation.

Thank you in advance for your time, any consideration given to this matter, and hopefully the smile upon your face.

Respectfully, Gaylan Danise Howard

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