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How Much Grant Money Can I Get?

Updated December 10, 2016

"How much grant money can I get?" is one of the many questions answered in Ability Mission's extensive Grant FAQ. Use both the video and the script to get the most out of the answer.

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Video Transcript

How much grant money can I get?

Wow! What a question that is! As usual, we have a reality-based answer, one that might just surprise you.

The amount of grant money depends TOTALLY on the rules of the specific grant program in question.

Some programs might not allow grants greater than $50, while others might not give less than $500,000.

When people ask, "How much money can I get?" it sometimes shows that they've got their priorities wrong.

It's okay to have your own interests at heart, but when it comes to applying for a grant, the granting agency can only give out the money that their program rules allow.

Furthermore, they can only give it out for the reasons that tie in with the objectives they've set for themselves.

So you always have to compare your situation to the EXACT criteria of the specific grant program you're looking into.

Too complicated? Not really. It's just a question of giving the agency what it wants.

Let us show you how to do exactly that. This will empower you to go after what you want the same way the experts do.

In fact, knowing and applying the proven grant-getting process is the key to success. And we can help you with that.

We do it by hand-holding you through the time-tested steps described in our Disability Help Guide and Disability Help Workbook.

This gives you the necessary knowledge and tools to go after a grant like an expert grant-writer.

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