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Hurting Homeless Disabled Mom Seeks Grants To Ease The Constant Pain

by Joan Woods
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

I am a 42-year-old mother with one daughter that just graduated college. She is a professional that is living on her own. I do not have any other children.

My Mother is passed away. My dad is in his seventies. I have one sister that is married and lives far away.

Disability Issues

In 2011 I started hurting so bad in my neck and back. I was told that I have several herniated, bulging disks in my cervical spine. I was told that I need surgery but do not have a home or the money for copayment.

I was also told that I have significant nerve damage that even after surgery will never be normal again. I have had several MRIs and pain blocks.

Some mornings when I wake, my hands/wrists will be the size of a child's baseball glove. I hurt all the way down my neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, fingers, down back, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet.

Sometimes I cannot write. Some days I cannot feel my toes at all on my left foot.

I was told by surgeon that the discs are so compressed that it is making the fluid that passes through spine where it is barely flowing which is causing my severe headaches. I do not have one moment of each day that I do not hurt.

Financial Hardship

I just became legally divorced within the last two months. I do not have a home. I do not own transportation. They took my car because I am unable to work.

I take daily medicines to control the pain and to be able to move at all. I do not have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

I do not have any money to my name and I am unable to pay the past due medical expenses such as even co-payments. I cannot afford my medicine. Since the insurance is no longer in effect, I need insurance.

Income Efforts

Since I have found myself homeless after my disability and divorce, I have searched for help from the State of Alabama for housing and any free aid to help me.

The only thing that I have obtained at all is food stamps, which I am thankful for.

I am homeless so I cannot cook. I cannot work for extended periods of time so it has resulted in problems locating a job.

I applied for Disability on March 20, 2014 and was told that I will have to wait 30 to 90 days for a decision.

I have called county offices for housing help and have not got anywhere because I cannot show any means of payment. All they want to do is put you on a waiting list.

Most people on the list already are having kids left and right. I do not have friends.

I have one child and she works at the hospital all the time and is unable to take me here and there. Also, she has allowed me to stay at her home, which is causing her personal issues with her relationship. I am now her burden.

HUD states on their site that they have Housing Vouchers that pay for all or some of your rent. I need to know how you get them because every time I call, they pass me off to a shelter.

Specific Needs

I need Disability because I am unable to work. I need disability insurance because I have to stay under a doctor's care on a continuing basis.

I would love a grant to help me purchase a home so that I am not homeless.

I would love a grant to purchase a way of transportation.

I would love low interest loans on purchasing a home or car.

People do not understand how bad I hurt and it would be nice if I had the support I needed.

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