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A Gentle Imagination Exercise That Can Help People With Disabilities

This gentle little exercise will help you discover how your senses operate when you imagine something. In turn, what you learn about YOUR SENSES can help you in a variety of ways (listed at the end).

This is ONLY an imagination exercise. It is NOT a hypnosis session.

Before starting, you need to do three things.

  1. The FIRST thing is to give yourself 15 minutes in quiet surroundings with no distractions. Wear a headset to improve the experience. Make sure that you won't be interrupted by someone walking in, or by a phone call, or by any other thing that would normally draw your attention away from what you're doing. Normal background noises like traffic, trains, birds, pets, lawnmowers and so on are okay.
  2. The SECOND thing is to seat yourself upright and yet comfortably so that you won't be distracted by any physical discomfort during the exercise. Being seated, you'll also be able to quickly and easily jot down what you remember.
  3. The THIRD thing is to have a sheet of paper and a pen ready to write down your impressions at the end of the exercise. Your paper will have these six headings:
    1. SIGHT
    2. SOUND
    3. SMELL
    4. TASTE
    5. TOUCH
    6. OTHER – any SIXTH sense that might come into play

Here's a sense of what's to come.

Image of lemon and slices with mint leaves.

When you're ready, click the play button below. Be as open-minded and as spontaneous as you can during and right after the exercise. You'll enjoy the experience more and you'll discover things that'll be helpful to you later.

If the audio controls just above do not show or work in your browser, please right-click here to download the MP3 file to your computer.

After you've finished writing down your impressions, you're welcome to send the information to me by email (info@ability-mission.org) if you would like me to comment on it.

Here are some ways that this imagination exercise can help you:

  1. It will make you realize the power of your own imagination.
  2. It will put you in a state of mind conducive to creative work.
  3. It will help clear your mind to better focus on a task at hand.
  4. It will help stimulate your own body's "self-repair" activities.
  5. It will help a hypnotherapist create a better session for you.

Click here for more information on the five ways your imagination can be such a powerful helper.

Beyond having fun with your imagination, are you getting all the disability help you need? If not...

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