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Inspiring People With Disabilities: A Testament To Courage And Faith

Updated February 22, 2017

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Nothing can stop these inspiring people with disabilities.

Despite the mental and physical challenges, many disabled people are still quite able to inspire and touch the lives of others. They're a loud testament to the courage and faith all can aspire to.

We know about the famous ones, like the athletes, politicians, actors, scientists, authors and so on who catch the eye of the media. Seldom do we hear about "regular" folks.

Except here at Ability Mission!

Countless disabled people have told their stories here, looking for ways to improve their lot. They're all accounts of the courage, toughness and resolve needed to live life to its fullest despite a disability.

This page highlights the lives and "keep on keeping on" philosophies of some really courageous people. They have stood out and are willing to share their magic with you.

Image of Ricardo Ching.
Ricardo Ching
He's the epitome of the determination to overcome of The Little Engine That Could. (... more)
Image of Susie Henderson.
Susie Henderson
A model of self-belief, she prevailed over cancer with gentle alternative treatments. (... more)
Image of Sheila Paris.
Sheila Paris
Near death and Multiple Disability Disorder (MDD) have been no match for her indomitable spirit. (... more)
Image of Jon Morrow.
Jon Morrow
Born with spinal muscular atrophy, he defied the odds of dying at two to become a worldwide "can do" phenomenon. (... more)
Image of Kim and Mark Hubbard.
Kim And Mark Hubbard
Born with cerebral palsy, they have risen above their disability and live exceptional lives in service to others. (... more)
Image of Claude Arfaras.
Claude Arfaras
Multiple sclerosis and other disabilities just cannot stop this irrepressible artist from doing good for others. (... more)
Image of Ronald Wendel with son Brett and wife Brenda.
Ronald Wendel
Ron brushed aside his multiple disabilities for seven years while getting a patent for a really ingenious idea. (... more)
Image of Tracy Fallon.
Tracy Fallon
Tracy is the "Never Say Die!" woman. Diabetes, cancer, transplants and amputations haven't been able to hold her back. (... more)
Image of Rusty Haughey.
Rusty Haughey
Rusty is the "Electrocuted Inventor." Short-term memory loss is not a problem for him; he sees it as an advantage. (... more)
Image of Douglas Murphy. Photo Courtesy The Shelby Star (April 22, 2013)
Douglas Murphy
Doug could write a book on Parkinson's Disease. Afflicted with PD himself, he started a fund to help find a cure. (... more)

Do you have an inspiring story of your own to tell? Or maybe you know of someone whose story ought to be here? If so, just let us know via the contact us page. We'll do the rest!