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Media Kit For Ability Mission... Ad Rates Plus A Gift Of Free Publicity

Advertising income assures our continued operation, but we also offer a unique way for our advertisers to get free publicity. If you have a legitimate product or service that our visitors would find helpful, then you qualify!

Are you a disability attorney, lawyer or accredited disability representative looking for targeted, profitable case leads for Social Security Disability claims? If so, please see our Endless SSDI Case Leads page for a nice surprise.

Scroll down for all the details, including site visitor demographics, advertising rates and the free publicity offer.

Site Visitor Demographics

All our visitors have one thing in common: they are disabled and hurting physically and emotionally to varying degrees. They need a variety of products and services to alleviate the pain and suffering.

There's a very quick and accurate way to determine if what you have to offer is a good match for what our visitors need. Go to our Site Search page and enter keywords that describe the condition that can be improved with your product/service.

Site Visitor Demographics
Site visitors are disabled and hurting physically and emotionally

Almost 100% of the search results will be true life stories of visitors describing exactly what they need. You'll be able to place advertising that is nearly a 100% match to the page content.

Advertising Rates

There are four paid advertising possibilities, all for three-month terms. except as noted for broadcast mailings. All prices are in US dollars.

  1. Banner ads comparable to Google AdSense
    • Above the fold 300x250 -- $750
    • Above the fold 250x250 -- $600
    • Below the fold 300x250 -- $600
    • Below the fold 250x250 -- $450
    • Below the fold 300x600 -- $600
  2. Editorial content like blog posts or site pages
    • Product review page with two links -- $1500
    • Story page of product in action -- $1800
  3. Text links within product-related rich content
    • Dedicated paragraph with link -- $450
    • Link within existing page content -- $300
  4. Paragraph with text links within broadcast emails
    • 50-word paragraph with text link -- $300/mailing

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We work closely and personally with all advertisers to achieve a win-win outcome. Advertisers get the best possible return on investment. Buyers get the best possible product or service to alleviate their suffering.

In addition to paid advertising, we also offer a free option. There's some work involved, but it could make your ads work even better, or it could just work on its own. Click here for all the juicy details about getting free publicity on this Ability-Mission.org website.