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Motorcycle Accident Disabled Army Veteran Kenneth Seeks Credit Help

by Kenneth Duncan
(Fruitland, Utah, USA)

I am a 55-year-old guy with a wife and nine children. I was in the Army as a Cavalry Scout for nine years. I was stationed in Hawaii, Louisiana and Germany. I was on border patrol between east and West Germany when the border was opened.

Army Cavalry Scout Veteran Kenneth Now Seeking Credit Help
Army Cavalry Scout Veteran Kenneth Now Seeking Credit Help

I got out of the Army and worked at the Post Office for nine years.

My first wife tried stabbing me while I was sleeping and ended up in the Utah state mental hospital. The state hospital tried taking me to court to pay for her $10,000 per month bill. I asked a lawyer what I could do. He advised me to divorce her. I divorced her and married my current wife.

The five oldest children are mine. The four youngest are hers. We lost our home and were required to move to an area that was cheaper to live. We started out in campers and a camp trailer on 10 acres of vacation property.

Then we rented a house on five acres for a year. Then we found this house on 86 acres across the highway from the house that we were renting. And we bought it through rent to own.

Disability Issues

The trip one-way to my work was 86 miles. Gas prices had gone to $3.50 per gallon. I started riding my motorcycle.

On June 28, 2005. I was riding my motorcycle to work. It was my second night on graveyard. Twenty miles from my home, I hit a 4-point bull elk standing in the highway. My skull was fractured.

When I asked how many fractures did I have, after I came out of a 30-day coma, I was told, "think of a car windshield shattered by a rock." That was the condition that my head was in.

They do not know how I did it. The only thing not broken in my head was my nose. I was told that there would be many things that I would never be able to do again.

My right eye was paralyzed shut. My left eyelid had weights in it. I was told that it would never close on its own. My face is considered paralyzed. Right side has movement, but no feeling. The left side has feeling, but no movement. I cannot smell and taste. I was told that I would not be able to walk again.

Financial Hardship

Two years earlier we had purchased a 1984 doublewide manufactured home on 86 acres. We had a contract from the prior owner for a rent to own contract. When I had the accident, my parents bought the contract, so that we would not have to move.

There is no public water in this area. We have to drive 15 miles to the nearest town to get water from a well and bring it back and put it in a cistern that has a pump on it to pump it into the house. I haul the water in my pick up truck in a 500-gallon water tank. I get water several times a week.

I had a son that passed away five years ago. We are still paying for his funeral expenses. My wife had to have two surgeries last year to remove cancer from her breast.

My father passed away last year and my mother passed away a month ago. The property is still in their name.

I had been renting to own my house on 20 acres. I will receive my house that I am in now and the 80 acres that it is on when I purchase the house that they built.

They also paid $30,000 for a water well for that home. I need to come up with $150,000.

Income Efforts

I do get Social Security Disability of $1714.90 per month. I get 20% of my retirement because of my age and I'm getting Disability of $707 per month.

I am always looking for jobs that I can do closer to home. I usually do not get a call after I turn in an application. One company told me that I have been retired for too long. And jobs are few in the small town that is 13 miles away from my home. The next nearest town is 40 miles away.

Specific Needs

My wife went into a depression after her cancer surgeries. She quit paying all of the bills. She was paying them due to my injuries from my accident.

I have gotten them caught up. Her FICO is around 480. I have gotten mine from 520 to 602. I am having difficulty getting a loan to buy the other house. The current house that we are in is falling apart. We plan on moving into the newer house.

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Jun 12, 2017
How to prevent motorcycle accidents
by: Don from Ability Mission

To all motorcycle owners and riders,

I just learned about this article -- How to Avoid the Top 10 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents: A Rider’s Guide -- that I hope others will find as informative, interesting and well-written as I did.

Don Coggan

Jul 31, 2014
Don't worry about me.
by: Kenneth Duncan

Before I hit the elk, I always helped others. But since my accident, no one has helped me or my family. They have tried stealing from us though.

I have worked out getting the 80 acres that was left to me. My siblings said that I did not have to fight with them so hard. But YES, I did have to fight with them. Especially for what is mine.

So, I am staying the way that I am. I will help people, the same way that they have helped me. NOT AT ALL. Oh and my reason for fighting to get my 80 acres, is, I have found GOLD on it. Too BAD.

Jul 15, 2014
Family hurts you the most...
by: Kenneth Duncan

I am supposed to be inheriting the 80 acres and the 1984 manufactured home on it. I was informed by the executor of the will, that it will not be signed over to me, until the newer home is sold that is next to it, because the money goes to my siblings. The 80 acres is my only inheritance. My siblings get the money from everything else being sold, which includes the sale of two other houses also. But I don't get mine, if they can't get theirs. The executor is my older brother. They also showed up at my house, which was a first time in 11 years, to demand that I sell the 80 acres so that they can have some of that money also. I just told them to leave, or I would have them arrested for trespassing. 2000 acres nearby just sold for $500 an acre. I will just live here rent free forever if I have to, or until this house falls down, which it has started to.

Jun 26, 2014
Thank you
by: Kenneth Duncan

Thank you for publishing my story.

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