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Multiple Accident Disabled Grandma Seeks Grant For Home With Piano

by Prentonia Ridgeway Davis
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

I am a 47-year-old mother with two sons and four grandchildren. I have been married over 10 years. My husband used to drive commercial trucks.

My sons lived in different states with their families. The oldest is in the military overseas serving our country.

The youngest just got laid off because his job can no longer pay him. This is very painful because he has twins that are only 16 months old. I worry how they will be taken care of without him working and it's hard finding jobs in AL.

My only income is SSDI. It's $746 a month and does not cover all my bills including paying for doctor visits.

My husband has to help me do things because of my family being so far away. I would like to be able to visit them and see my grandchildren. I missed out on most of my son's life and now being able to see all my grandkids

Disability Issues

I am totally disabled. I got injured on my job several years ago. A few months later, while I was coming from a surgery and sitting at a red light, a car hit me on the passenger side.

This destroyed the other part of my neck and damaged discs in my lower spine by pushing them inward. I was left paralyzed and in a wheelchair for over three and a half years.

The doctors were saying I wouldn't walk, but now even though I am walking, I am left with several other problems.

Besides getting the bone taken out of my arm, which left me with limited mobility, I have: myalgia, degenerative cervical and lumbar disc disease, lumbar/lumbosacral disc brachial, neuritis, Radiculitis, spinal stenosis, sciatic nerve damage and multiple joint pain.

My pain had become so severe I have two spinal nerve stimulators. My spine is wired up to my shoulders and back down to my lower spine.

The boxes in my hips make it hard to sit down and the pain is not relieved in my neck and head, which also causes migraines.

I have to have 31 injections in my face, temples, head, neck and shoulders. Also the stimulator machine has only helped my lower back a minimum amount.

The pain gets so bad sometimes I can't move my head or turn it due to the protruding, herniated, bulging and degenerative disc disease.

I have had so many procedures for the pain with little relief. I've had my nerves in my spine and neck burned so many times My pain medications are so strong just to help me make it though the day.

Now the degenerative disease has started to travel into other bones like in my hands, and legs.

I went though all this because my supervisor at the time wouldn't allow me to go to the doctor after falling off a ladder with a tote attached to my hand.

This twisted my spine and neck and fractured my arm. Workers compensation did not cover all of this so I have had to suffer for years before getting any help.

The same day I saw a doctor for surgery, a young man was driving too fast. He pressed the gas instead of the brakes and ran his vehicle into the back of the vehicle I was in at the time. This damaged my neck worse and destroyed my lower spine.

In 2006 after three and a half years, I finally qualified for SSDI. I have spent most of my life working and providing. Now I am disabled and on Medicare.

Financial Hardship

I get SSDI, which is $746 monthly. I am also on Medicare but it doesn't cover all my medical expenses.

I have been going to a pain management center that's been treating me for years. I trust the doctor but they don't take Medicaid. I have to pay out of pocket what Medicare doesn't pay for trips to the hospital, surgeries, office visits and copays.

I have doctor appointments several days a month and my spouse has to go to all of them. I feel that if I had a vehicle that would be comfortable enough maybe sometimes I could take myself.

It's been so many years since I've been able to have my teeth cleaned and checked. Medicaid does not cover this, only pulling teeth.

I have been on a housing program in Nevada but this has been hard. People just unlock the door and walk in while I am in bed and can't get up or walk in the room to see what's going on.

The most important thing to me now would be if I could have a home of my own. I could finally unpack my suitcase and not worry about someone knocking or coming in early in the morning while I'm still asleep, or trying to sleep after being in pain all night.

I could have my grandchildren come and see me before they grow up and not know me. I need a mattress that will allow me to get a good night sleep. I need a pillow that will help the pain in my neck instead of me sitting straight up in the bed.

You can't understand what it feels like to never be able to sleep or rest without pain all night unless you've experienced it yourself.

Income Efforts

I used to be a manager in a beauty store. I have a license as a Hair Designer but I can no longer stand up or sit down, only for a few minutes at a time.

I only get $55 in food stamps and this is not much when you try eating healthy. I have to pay for the rest out of my SSDI.

I don't have any family that can help me do anything.

My husband's hours were cut so he lost his job. Then my disability got so bad that he had to stay home to help me with my necessities.

One day my hands went numb and the door to my bedroom shut. I couldn't get out to go to the bathroom or kitchen until 10 hours later, all because I couldn't turn the doorknob.

Specific Needs

I would like to know more about grants that will help me get a home of my own.

Every month I have to get letters about new rules or new policies that the housing program are changing and threats that if I don't agree to sign or go to watch the movie I will get terminated as a tenant.

All this time they know I am disabled and unable to go to their office to sit and watch a movie but they make me feel uneasy.

I have to have my doctors to fax over letters stating that I am not able to go to their office.

Out of the blue you get letters about inspections or someone coming for something and each time I am trying to rest or just had surgery and they show up early in the morning after I have been up all night with no rest or sleep.

One knock on the door and then someone walks in the place before you can put your clothes on. If you are in the bed they come in the room with you checking windows and doors. I may not be able to move and really they're not doing anything but upsetting me. I feel as though I have no privacy.

I never feel comfortable. I am always scared as if someone going to walk in on me. How can I feel like this is a home? It's not. I am just keeping it clean until they get tired and want to kick me out or move me again.

Please if nothing else show me what I need, or what it takes to get a grant in order to get a home of my own. Please let me out of years unpack my suitcase and totes and put my clothes in a closet that I can call my own.

I would like a grant that would help me get money so that I can buy the bed and mattress that I need that will not hurt me to lie on and help me sleep at night. I also need a special pillow for my neck so I can move when I get up in the mornings.

I would like grant money that will help me see my children and grandchildren. I have missed most of their growing up and I don't want to.

Business Idea

All of my life I have wanted a business of my own, working at home. Long ago for 14 years, I taught piano lesson but I have no room or no place that would allow me to put a piano.

This is why I would like to have my own home because the housing program only allows certain things. This would mean a lot to me if I could have a piano because as a child into adulthood I played piano and it made me happy and it made others happy.

When my father got sick, before he died he ask me to promise him that I would continue to play and I promised but I don't have a piano to play or a house that would allow me to have a piano.

But also, even though I can't stand for long periods of time, if I could do it by sitting and hiring help I would like to open a beauty salon and hire others to work there.

I would teach people about different products and their hair. I had experience in this for over 20 years and I also have a license as a Hair Designer.

I would love to have something of my own that I could help myself and help my grandkids in the future.

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