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Multiple Use Grant For Bipolar Disorder And Asperger Syndrome Disabled Man

by Stefan
(Lilburn, Georgia, USA)

I am a 20-year-old single male with no kids, who is looking for a grant that supports my interests and goals in life.

What my official diagnoses are:

My primary diagnosis is Asperger Syndrome, while my secondary is Bipolar Disorder. I also have ADHD and slight OCD.

How and when it all happened:

I have had these disabilities since day one of my life but did not get formally diagnosed with ADHD until around age five, Bipolar Disorder/OCD at around eleven to twelve, and Asperger Syndrome at thirteen.

How it has evolved and affected me in life:

It started when my main problems in life were anger and depression. When I was younger, I was in multiple fights at school and home with my brother. While most were verbal, there were some that became physically aggressive on my end.

As I got older, my parents sought help from numerous doctors and psychologists seeking medications and therapies that would help me become "a normal kid" in the world.

But as time elapsed and my behaviors got worse, I was sent to my first institution at age eleven. It was Peachford Hospital near Atlanta, Georgia.

The only reason I did not go to a mental institution at a younger age was because I couldn't. My mom and dad were separated from when I was seven years old to age ten and a half.

My mom, brother and I lived in Escondido, California where they had very little support for people with mental disabilities.

In and near Escondido, there were only two extremes of the mental scale, so to speak. One was you were doing great and could live your life normally, while the flipside was you need to go to jail or a mental institution for the severely disturbed.

What I needed was not provided at that time in Escondido. What I needed was a support group or a mental hospital that helped people with mental illnesses and had adequate living space, helpful treatment teams, and nurses/doctors to hand out medications.

Later, when I was just about to turn eleven years old, my mom and dad moved back together, and we moved to Athens, Georgia where my dad could continue his work at the Navy Base.

(It is now a part of the University due to the fact that the University of Georgia took the property back.)

There, in the state of Georgia, I started to get some of the help I so desperately needed: a psychologist by the name of Doctor Goetz, skills like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), a therapist named Mister Roy and other teenagers like myself that had similar hardships that all shared their life experiences to me and mine to them.

I was sent to Peachford Hospital thirteen times, a place called Inner Harbor (now Youth Villages), La Amistad (a hospital near Orlando, Florida), Laurel Wood (near Gainesville, Georgia), and Hillside (in Atlanta, Georgia).

All have helped me to control most of my emotions such as anger and depression, and effectively communicate with and to others.

However, while some things improved in my life, it seemed as if the initial problems I had, had somehow found a way to manifest themselves in other areas of potential concern.

For example, I did not use to get as anxious and fidgety when having nothing to do, but now it is more extreme. I cannot sleep without doing something active or calming beforehand.

On the other hand when I use certain electronics like computers or video games, I tend to hyper focus and lose track of time as well as lose sight of my goals and objectives, which also impacts how much sleep I receive.

What my financial situation is like:

As I said above in how my disability evolved, my parents got separated when I was younger. Recently, they just got divorced, so money has been tight for both my mom and dad.

This affects me who needs supports and funds for a successful life but cannot obtain any due to financial difficulties.

My dad already has difficulty in paying for his own things as well as helping out my younger brother get some of the things he wants, but because my dad is still my Legal Guardian, he has to pay me a monthly allowance, and then you have to take into account the love factor.

He is my dad, and because he loves me so much, he goes above and beyond for me to help and provide me with at least the necessities in life: shelter, food, and clothing.

The saddest part of it all for me is that even though I know he must be going through financial hardships, he still has not said that I had a part in it, which I know is out of his own pride.

I feel bad because I feel like if it wasn't for me and my disabilities then none of these financial issues would be arising.

Right now, I fall though the cracks of the government system meaning my parents make just barely enough money that the government says is "adequate" for getting services, but are not at the poverty level of getting services issued by the federal or state level.

This means two things: one is that now my parents can barely do the things they want to do (because they are helping me and my needs out). Two is that what the government is saying is "adequate" or "sufficient" for getting the services I need is not realistic (not just in my case, but in everyone's case).

Also, transportation is a major issue. I do not currently have a driver's license. I have difficulty focusing on multiple things at once, which is a needed trait for driving on the road.

What I have done to try and earn income:

I have attempted to obtain a job from the program I currently reside at in Lilburn, Georgia called Just People. It is an independent living facility that houses people that are Mentally or Physically Disabled.

However, due to a lack of job coaches and programs on their end, as well as me leaving the program in December of 2011 (I arrived in January of 2011), the people funding me to be in the independent living program, the program administrators themselves as well as my family (to a lesser degree) decided it would be better for me to wait until I leave to get a job.

Their concerns were: the transition period I would have in either finding a new job when leaving, or moving to a different location but working in the same company.

Also, the other concern was how it might affect the SSI I receive (that was resolved too late however when finding out about the Ticket to Work Program).

Currently, I am now aiming and striving for potential grants that may be of help, and as of right now, I receive SSI and Food Stamps.

What I am looking for in possible grants:

Right now, with the best case scenario in mind, I would like to acquire the monetary funds for acquiring one-on-one support from one who specializes in the law, financial help in regards to getting into a private college, and a driving instructor who can help me in getting a license.

In regards to the law I would like to become either a Defense Attorney for people with Mental Disabilities, or people that have financial difficulties that interfere with treatment for Mental Disabilities like myself.) If not that, then I would work towards becoming a Victim Witness Advocate.

I am open to any grant that can cover one or all of my requests. I am just looking for someone who can sympathize with my problematic issues and concerns, as well as have the ability to lend a helping hand (financially) to someone in need.

Being a young adult with several Mental Disabilities, I have always had difficulty with the daily living skills and essentials, along with the ability to manage my time wisely, and use it effectively.

Other areas I know hinder my ability to live life to the fullest include monetary funds and financing, and no driver’s license (transportation). With the above help, I am confident that I can achieve all of this.

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