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Multiply Disabled Maria Seeks Grant Money For Debt Relief And Retraining

by Maria
(Reno, NV, USA)

I am 60 years old and have worked since 1980. Due to recurring pain throughout my body and other medical challenges (brain tumor, diabetes, enlarged thyroid tumors, goiter, fibromyalgia) I had to stop working in 2007.

Previously, as a single mom, I worked full-time in a corporate job and part-time as a realtor to support my son, despite thyroid tumors, breast cancer, and extreme stress.

My doctor warned me that unless I make life changes I would get very sick, which is what happened. With no support network -- no family support and no government help -- changing lifestyles was not an option. I could not afford to rest until I got better. Taking care of my son was a higher priority than taking care of myself.

In 2005, my mom died and my siblings defrauded me of my inheritance. This aggravated my stress so severely causing panic attacks, nightmares, depression, PTSD, and excruciating headaches.

An MRI in 2006 disclosed I now had a brain tumor. I continued to have pain all over my body. I applied for Disability and was denied.

I tried to get part-time jobs with medical benefits. I accepted a part-time grave shift job at a gas station but quit in two days since my body could not handle the crouching and standing required.

I was in constant pain, had no job and no insurance, and was uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions. Insurance brokers advised me to reapply for Disability to obtain health insurance despite pre-existing conditions.

In March 2009, I reapplied for Disability and was denied twice. I am now at the Hearing stage, which could take 16 months to up to three years or more for a decision. Social Security estimates that since 2000 at least 16,000 Americans have died while waiting for a Hearing. I don't want to be part of that statistic.

Since 1980 the government has withheld taxes from my wages so that if I get disabled, I can get Disability benefits. Yet Social Security refuses to grant me those self-paid benefits despite detailed reports from my doctors on my limitations.

They relied largely on their doctor who evaluated me for a few minutes, told me I had a lot of problems that he would report, yet who falsely and without basis concluded in his report that I could lift 25-50 lbs (1 sack of rice!), climb stairs (even scaffolding!), et cetera, contradicting his own report showing I had difficulty even with minor movements. He tested me yet excluded that test result in his report.

Only by going to a chiropractor specializing in muscle and brain testing who for 30 years has successfully treated fibromyalgia, which I have, did I learn that this test result meant my brain was not firing properly, accounting for most of my pains, fuzzy thinking, memory problems, etc.

I also have degeneration of bones in my neck as well as back problems as shown by x-rays taken. Social Security, despite having my medical records showing that all my medical issues are long-term, some dating back to 1989, denied me Disability benefits claiming my symptoms are short-term and should not last more than 12 months.

They ignored my written statements that I can't afford to see doctors regularly since I have no insurance and don't qualify for government help financially or medically. They disregarded my doctor's letter that I have serious medical problems and need health insurance to get treatment.

(Only Medicare through Social Security could give me insurance despite my pre-existing conditions.) Instead they stated that I discontinued treatment, as if that was my choice, without giving the reason why, which they are fully aware of, and which is why I am applying for Disability.

It seems that there is a goal to deny Disability benefits we Americans have worked for and paid into for many years. It is a long, exhausting, frustrating fight. It appears that there is nothing I can do but wait and hope I do not die before a decision is made by Social Security whenever they can get around to it.

A government grant could help me get regular treatment for my medical issues, which Social Security requires in order to grant Disability benefits. It could provide funds for training myself in other skills, allowing me to be productive again, allowing me to use my mind to support my family from home despite my disabilities.

It would give our family peace of mind and relief from all the bills and from having to sell our possessions. It would allow me to focus on causes dear to my heart such as Battered Women.

It can help me find justice for my own family and claim my inheritance which has been unjustly withheld from me for over three years, for which I need good affordable legal help in California, and which I cannot focus on due to this ongoing battle with Social Security.

It would let me, an American citizen, use my time more positively, contributing to America, contributing to the economy and helping those who are hurting, instead of constantly having to fight for my own survival.

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Nov 19, 2009
An Exceptional Recommendation -- Part 2
by: Don from Accessible.Org

This is Part 2 of my comments.

What I'm recommending for you is to take an online course that will show you how to build a successful online business by actually guiding you through all the steps so that at the end of the course you have a real fledgling business you can nurture and grow in the weeks, months and years following the course.

You can find out more here:

I know you might be skeptical because there are so many scams out there and why wouldn't this just be another?

If you really scrutinize the materials you read by following the link I've given you'll see for yourself that the whole thing is on the up and up. The course is taught at major universities and colleges worldwide. In addition there's a money-back guarantee.

If you decide to take this course, please be sure that you are fully committed to having your own home business. Having any business requires commitment and focus. put all your attention on only that and it'll work out for you.

Bringing this to real terms, in your story you mention, "It would allow me to focus on causes dear to my heart such as Battered Women." You'll need to be vigilant and focus on making your own business successful before you turn your attention elsewhere. You need to be in a position of strength to devote your energies productively to other causes.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me through the "Contact Us" page. I'll be happy to provide whatever guidance I can. In this specific case, I'm recommending something that requires spending money on your part and this is a departure from our usual approach of only recommending things that are free.

Well, maybe it's not so out of line because if you do the course and apply yourself (as thousands of others have already done, including the disabled) you will be setting yourself free.

I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do!

Nov 19, 2009
An Exceptional Recommendation -- Part 1
by: Don from Accessible.Org


This is Part 1 of my comments.

You haven't minced any words in your story. It's very well written and in a way it summarizes the trials, tribulation, disappointments and even deception felt by people with disabilities.

I don't have a specific training grant to suggest. What we recommend to all grant-seekers is to start the search for a grant at www.grants.gov. It's the central point for all federal programs and I believe they have tips/links to state funding.

As we mention on the site, getting a grant is not an easy process. It can be tedious and time-consuming because just about everyone is doing it for the first and only time. The only time it's "easy" is when you're doing it on a regular basis.

The message that is coming through with almost all the stories being published is that the government help that IS available is hard to get (needing a lawyer for SSD???) and when you do get it, it's usually too late and never enough.

What I'm hearing from you and others is that you need to be independent, making your own way on your own terms and not having to be reliant on government-funded programs.

Your story shows that you have a lot of energy. Unfortunately it's getting dissipated in negative dead-end pursuits. I can only imagine the stress you feel and the damage it's doing to you.

I'm going to make a recommendation that I've hesitated doing until now, because it will involve an expenditure on your part. Actually, calling it an expenditure is wrong. It's really an investment in your future.

At Accessible.Org, we've been very careful about only recommending things that don't place any additional financial burdens on our visitors. Many stories show that just knowing where the next meal will come from is the major concern.

In your story, you mention, "training myself in other skills, allowing me to be productive again, allowing me to use my mind to support my family from home despite my disabilities."

I'll continue this comment in a second part, because the system has a built-in limit of 3,000 characters for comments.

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