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Online Student Heidi Needs Government Grant To Repay Student Loan

by Heidi
(Allegan, MI, USA)

I am enrolled as a student at Axia College of University of Phoenix. I'm looking for a government grant to repay a student loan.

I was under the impression from my financial aid counselor that my school was being paid for by a grant, however when I received a statement from Wachovia two months ago, I found out they are actually borrowing money from a loan, which must be paid back.

My Phoenix financial advisor said she was "sorry for the misunderstanding." Not half as sorry as I am since now I owe $10,000. I do not have a way to pay this back.

I am living off Social Security Disability and my long-term pension from work. I am unable to work; here is my diagnosis:

Cervical Myelopathy
Cervical Radiculopathy
Cervical degenerative joint disease
Congenital spondylosis
Cervical degenerative disk and joint disease at multiple levels
Chronic cervicalgia
Chronic pain syndrome
Disc protrusion/extrusion at C7/T1
Right C5-C6 and C7-T1 radiculopathy
Moderate to severe bilateral neural foraminal narrowing with compression of the bilateral exiting C7 nerve roots
Right upper extremity weakness/neuropathy
Chronic back pain
Severe depression
Mood disorder
Panic disorder with agoraphobia
Bipolar disorder

I am paralyzed in my right hand and can type with only one finger -- my left hand is OK. I can sit at the computer for an hour at a time without having to take a break.

Despite my disabilities, I find I am able to go to school online -- it takes up my whole day and night -- but I have shown that I can do it. I have one more class then I will have my associate's degree.

My hope is that maybe if I could earn my masters degree, that I could become an online teacher and get off social security disability someday -- I do not know if anyone would hire me with my diagnosis, hospitalizations, and medical history -- but it is worth a try.

In the meantime, I think it is very advantageous not only to myself and those around me, but also to the community in which I live, to be an educated individual and contribute my share.

I am asking that my student load be paid and that I may receive a government grant to further my education up to my master's degree. My current GPA is 3.97.

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Oct 02, 2011
Take responsibility
by: Anonymous

It is not because of your of your adviser that you owe money on a student loan. Having worked with student loans, I know the wording is VERY different from that of a grant. If you are looking to obtain a master's degree, then you need to start at the beginning with paying attention to the details. You have not done this even with presenting your clinical diagnosis. You have repeated the same diagnosis several times using different terminology seemingly to obtain sympathy from others.

The one commentator is correct. Are you or are you not paralyzed? I understand radiculopathy can be debilitating but what is C5-C6 radiculopathy? Is that the origination of the radiculopathy? I'm just wondering as you also mention C6-7. That is what I mean by mentioning a diagnosis more than once. A trained medical person realizes that you may truly only be dealing with 3-4 problems. Once again, get your facts straight and don't blame someone else because you didn't read the paperwork you signed before agreeing to repay a student loan.

Mar 24, 2010
Pain Treatment Options & More about Student Loans
by: Katina

As if my last comment was not long enough :)

I didn't read carefully enough before with your current schooling situation. If you have one class left, I would definably stick it out. You could get a forbearance/or as I mentioned before apply for a financial hardship (gives you some time).

There are strict laws in place for employers, and educational faculties about hiring people with disabilities. To read more about the Americans with Disabilities Act, type ADA employment Laws into any search engine.

Proud of you for everything you?re doing. You are inspiring others. Maybe you could get some volunteer experience in your community, to build up your resume, a lot of employers "hire" their volunteers. Try Big Brothers, Big Sisters, or The Arc, BCH in your area, or even the Salvation Army.

Pain Treatment: RFA -- ask your anesthesiologist about it for chronic cervical spine pain. It works!

Mar 24, 2010
Student Loan Forgiveness Program: Disability
by: Katina

I was amazed to see the list of disabling conditions you were diagnosed with. My goodness, you are a "trooper!"

I'm impressed that you have the motivation to sit at your computer and type with one finger. Do you know how inspirational this is! Ever thought of writing a book? It's not as hard as many think. Basically, you sit down and start writing about your life (living with a disability), or trying to return to school, it could be about anything. I think you would be someone who would excel in this type of project, (unless the illnesses would make it too hard).

Looking at the list makes me wonder if you should see an Immunologist to see if they can better assess your medical conditions. Or a nutritionist.

YMCA / YWCA: Free Memberships (some states!)
Did you know that having a disability might enable you to programs like a monthly gym membership? I?m not sure if they have the YWCA or YMCA in your area. It is one place that offers such a scholarship for people with medical/mental or physical types of handicaps.

Student Loans
You may quality for the Student Loan Forgiveness/Discharge program. Contact the financial aid office of the university you last attended and ask them to mail you out the form due to you having a permanent disability that prevents you from completing your degree program. A Student loan hardship program is for students who are on public assistance or cannot afford to repay (short term only).

Modest Needs
$1,000 Grant!
Modest Needs is an organization that provides grant seekers and grant founders a place to give back, or ask for help.

You?re doing great, you are a wonderful person, full of life-- it is up to you, to reach inside and fight for that "thing" that will help make your life better. It's up to you, and you can do anything. I think of disabilities as hurdles, you know the kind that athletes jump over, we have a lot of hurdles, some seem like they were situated against us, while others are easier knocked down. You have a book inside, all you have to do is: write. Go for it. You've got nothing to lose when there is a disability involved. All we have is hope-- use it well.

Katina from Accessible.org

PS. Be careful of over prescribing physicians. The medications a person is prescribed can often counteract the actual health condition. I was given a medication for years for an ailment, and found out later that this one medication caused a condition. It?s easy to trust the physicians, but with your long list of health problems, it makes me wonder, are they treating you for the right ailments and if they are, maybe they are not looking close enough? Something to think about. Good luck to you. Keep typing!

Jan 14, 2010
Serving Community Now
by: Anonymous

You don't need a degree to serve your community. Many people serve with no education at all. You could volunteer your services right now if really want to be useful. By saying you need a degree to be of service, it sounds self-serving to many.

Jan 13, 2010
Totally or partially paralyzed?
by: Anonymous

"I am paralyzed in my right hand and can type with only one finger"

If your right hand is paralyzed, you can't move it at all. If you're partially paralyzed, you need to say that; otherwise your story could be misinterpreted, which could decrease your chance of getting a grant.

Also, your page needs to be edited; you have studnet instead of student.

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