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PTSD Afflicted Army Vet Seeks Grant Help To Escape Disability Hell Hole

by Christopher Carter
(Stone Mountain, GA, USA)

I am a 26-year-old African American male with four kids ranging from 10 years to one year old. Upon graduating high school, I joined the Army to support my first child.

After joining, I married the mother of my child, served in Afghanistan, and served for a total of five years in the military receiving a general under honorable discharge. I am currently seeking a change in that.

After discharging in 2010, I began actively seeking employment. It was all to no avail, mainly due to my license being suspended in 2008 for a DUI. That was the beginning of the end. I was not able to find anyone that would be willing to hire me.

I tried to attend school but due to lack of resources and marital problems, I could not focus.

Disability Issues

Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2006-2007, I was diagnosed with PTSD, along with a host of physical and mental problems including but not limited to:

- Headaches
- Cysts in the wrist and knee
- Severe depression
- Back pain
- Shin splints

In addition to me having my own medical problems, my oldest daughter requires glasses, which I cannot afford to maintain.

Also, my twins that turned one on March 31, 2014 are not developing at a normal rate. One is slowly developing while the other can't even support herself sitting up let alone do anything thing else that she should be doing at this age.

They were born premature with major complications during pregnancy. It is still a struggle to this day.

Financial Hardship

I am currently receiving $2001 a month, which is nowhere near enough to support a family of six. Because of my weak credit and lack of income, I am only able to afford the bare minimum, so we often go without.

To put it into perspective, I feel bad and get nervous when I go to Walmart and spend over $100 on basic necessities. We are currently receiving food stamps in the amount of $324 a month and spend about $500+ on groceries.

Income Efforts

Since leaving the military in 2010 I have been actively seeking employment through various programs and job search engines. I have gone to a few interviews but it ends in them telling me that they have filled the position.

I joined the vocational rehab program and am currently still enrolled and seeking the right certification/degree to go with previous skills. I have revamped my resume cover letters and headshots.

I am currently looking into applying for grants for assistance in job placement, utilities transportation, rent/mortgage, childcare, etc.

I have exhausted resources from friends and family and that has taken a toll on my self-esteem, confidence and personal relationships with them.

We have applied for disability for my daughter but have been denied and I am looking to appeal. I am also currently in the appeal process for Service Connected disability.

Specific Needs

I seek any help and/or resources that can get my family, my community and me out of this "hell hole" that we are currently in.

That would be through education, legal help, financial help, sympathy and personal assistance.

Business Idea

I overall would like to run a business involved in things like:

- Real Estate
- Franchising
- Import/Export
- Billing and Coding
- Retail
- Event Planning
- Music

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