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PTSD Disabled USMC And Army Vet Seeks Grant To Support Business Vision

by James Zachery
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

I am a 60-year-old PTSD disabled veteran of two military branches, the USMC and the US Army.

My wonderful loving wife and I are the proud parents of nine equally loving children. Without their constant love and support, I dare not think about the state of mind I would possess.

Recently, I returned to school and received an associate degree in Computer Electronic Engineering Technology. I am presently working toward getting a bachelor degree in Electronic Communication Engineering Technology.

The world of electronics is a very new and exciting one to me. I am finding electronics to be an open adventure. I am hoping it will give me the knowledge to recreate my life.

My ambition is to create a prototype of the human eye that will function with the same quality of the sighted. It would give the blind the sight to enjoy the full abundance of life as we have also.

I would love for my wife to have the wonderful gift of sight in her left eye, a blindness she received at her birth.

I suffer with PTSD, hearing loss, lower back problems. I also have severe arthritis in my shoulders, knees, hips, arms and ankles from military service and working construction jobs.

The femur in my right leg was damaged very badly from an unrelated military accident about six years ago, which contributed a great deal to my state of employment. I am 90% disabled (non-service connected) with the remaining 10% disability pending a VA decision.

We live off of a monthly VA allotment (thanks be unto God), but it doesn't meet the needs of my family.

Due to my disabilities, the quality of life we live is a very long drop from the security that I could offer my family way back when.

We are only able to afford the very lowest cost rental properties, which are often unlivable.

The allotment is our only source of income. Our bills are always late or they have to go unpaid, which brings about more judgments. There is just never enough money to cover everything.

Homelessness is a constant threat for us. My wife and children deserve better. They have no clothing, shoes or much of anything for that matter. All of our belongings were sold in a storage bid.

I am afraid that my children will be taken from me one day. Then what???

Because of the medications I am on, I do not drive, and because I suffer PTSD, public transportation becomes a problem for me. Yet transportation is very much needed.

I only receive a VA allotment every month. I do not receive SSI, nor do I receive SSDI. I was only able to return to school because of grants and student loans.

Returning to school is my only hope to remove the disability status from my life. I am in a desperate pursuit of the knowledge and skills that will reward me with full time employment, and the opportunity to employ others as well.

Returning to school has been, and continues to be, a struggle for me. I need advice and counseling. My dream is to rise above all my disabilities and become self-supporting.

I need assistance with a small business start-up program for the disabled. I also need grants/benefits for continuing my education.

Grants will assist me in becoming the owner of equipment for electronics testing. Alternatively a co-op program will provide me with these opportunities.

I need more hands-on experience outside the classroom to succeed with my dream. Once class is over, all I have available to me is the textbook.

Many of my homework (lab) assignments do not get done, because I do not have access to the necessary equipment, resulting in me receiving poor grades.

I also need help in becoming a homeowner, assistance with the day-to-day cost of taking care of my family, and help paying the medical needs of the family.

I could like to open a small computer electronic, electrical repair center.

It would cater to many consumer computer electronic, electrical needs, such as computer, cell phone, printer and other electronic and electrical repairs.

Given the demand for high quality services for computer, electronic, electrical repairs and the lack of qualified professional, this is a very lucrative business idea.

Projected sales are $10,000 and $30,000 a year during the first two years. A business grant of $85,000 will help pay the cost of equipment, marketing, management and services.

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May 22, 2012
Troubles in Atlanta.
by: Ken

Hi James,

It's great to hear that you are going back to school to learn new technology. It's very fast paced. The things they are working on today will make the things we do today obsolete. Being new in the electronic field, you may think about on the job training, with some small computer shops. Any bank or government programs will need to have certificates of graduation, and a complete business plan. You would also be expected to put up about 20% of the amount you would require to start your business, or use collateral assets. In these tough times there just isn't a simple way of starting your own business. Maybe you could find a partner with the same interests. There is a not for profit group that may help you find what you are looking for:


I hope they can help,

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