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Riches To Rags Single Mom Seeks Housing Grant Money For Self And Kids

by Lynn
(Norcross, GA, USA)

I am 44 years old. I've raised three daughters on my own. My oldest is now 20, my middle now 18 and my youngest 13.

I had three brothers; the youngest of the boys was murdered 12 years ago. He was the victim of a hate crime.

My oldest brother's son died a year later, complications of epilepsy. My parents are semiretired in TN.

My father at 77 still has to work to help out my family and me. So trying to overcome adversity is nothing new. It has been a constant in my life.

My disability is the current economy. I've been searching for steady and stable employment now for 5 years.

I have worked as a full charge bookkeeper for just over 15 years. I put myself through school to obtain my associates degree at age 27 when my oldest two were very young in hopes that I could provide a good future.

In the past 13 years we have moved at least 12-15 times. I have struggled to provide a home for my children and me.

It has been difficult being both mom and dad to my children as well as balancing work and home.

I've always had to rent. Since we had to rent I always had to adjust our housing situation. If the rent was raised, it meant another move to affordable housing.

Financial stability is a never-ending struggle. I have been unemployed now for almost 5 years!

I have kept the rent paid by going to churches and asking for assistance. I've kept food on the table by the help of food banks and food stamps.

I use every resource available through state programs for jobs assistance. I use job recruiters for help in finding employment.

We are homeless, again for the 2nd time. I'm again separated from my children as I look for work in yet another state.

My oldest daughter and I are currently trying to find employment in the Atlanta area.

My other two are back in TN with my ex-husband (father of my youngest). My oldest two are from my first marriage.

I am looking to get a grant or monies so that I can find a home for us. I know that employment will come soon as this area is doing well for jobs.

It's just going to take time (a couple weeks or so) for me to find temp to permanent employment. Once I find that though I need help to find a home for my children and me.

I need help getting back on my feet! I just want to earn a living and provide a roof over my children's heads. My oldest two need a place to stay so they can go to school and work. Education is a must!

They need a fighting chance so they don't repeat this life that I've lived.

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