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Seizure Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Restore Thriving Business

by Martha Dearmon
(Marietta, GA, USA)

William after his surgery

William after his surgery

My son had a seizure a couple of years of ago after being released from a hospital emergency room. He was 22 years old at the time.

With no history of having seizures, he had three that day. After the first one he was taken by ambulance from a restaurant to the E.R.

The hospital told him they couldn't find anything wrong with him. He was released and had his second seizure in the hosp parking lot.

As a result he cracked his head open and was taken back into the E.R. at which time he had his third seizure.

(I received two ambulance bills, one from the restaurant to the E.R., and one from the parking lot back into the E.R. $600 each.)

As a result of the fall in the parking lot, he needed emergency brain surgery and was told that he was lucky he fell at the hospital because anywhere else, he would have been dead by the time an ambulance would have had time to arrive.

My son had his own business and had excellent credit when this tragedy occurred.

A new Tort Reform law in Georgia prohibited us from suing the hosp. He was not given the medication ordered by the E.R. doctor, which allowed the second seizure to occur.

Afterwards he had extensive physical therapy, speech therapy, partial loss of hearing and some memory loss.

Per state law, he was unable to drive for six months after his accident. His spent his savings trying to pay his debts, and what he could not pay (car notes, car insurance, medication cost, etc.), my husband and I paid for him.

Since I had the misfortune of witnessing the accident at the hospital parking lot, I have been traumatized and have been placed on medications and have started to see a psychologist.

Getting a grant to get my sons business up and running again would be great. His name is William Villarreal, so he is considered Hispanic.

He is a small business owner, and could possibly be considered disabled in some way, even though he is pretty much back to normal.

His biggest issues now are headaches and paying for his medications. He has moved back home with us and is trying to build his business.

I would like to see him own his own home, which he had the down payment for before his accident, and make his business a successful one.

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