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Single Grandmother Raising 6 Kids Seeks Financial Help For Living Expenses

by Carol Byrd
(Coos Bay, OR, USA)

My name is Carol Byrd. I'm a disabled grandmother and mother taking care of 6 children in my house by myself.

The kids' grandfather died in 2005 and ever since then I cant get things straight moneywise.

I have 3 grandchildren and 3 adopted children and all six of them are different grade and age. I recently had to move into a bigger and more expensive house.

I am struggling with financial problems right now. After paying all the bills I have hardly any money left for important stuff like clothes and food.

I'm looking for help here because I have nowhere else to turn. It takes a lot to take care of all the kids' needs.

My oldest child is 17 and my youngest is 9. As time goes by I'm finding that I'm going to need to get new car tires soon, which will be impossible with my monthly income.

My children are the love of my life and I'm just trying to find help financially.

Recently I've been diagnosed with 3 different breathing problems and I cannot earn money for this household at a job because if these problems.

For the past few months I've been having a really hard time keeping things going financially.

I have an awful amount of bills lately and I have to borrow from people to keep the house and the children fed and clothed.

I would be very grateful to receive this grant because it would get us through a lot of problems we've been going through lately.

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