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Single Mother Of Three Seeks Government Grant To Help Make Ends Meet

by Katherine
(Ellenwood, GA, USA)

My name is Katherine and I am a single mother of three: two boys, 14 and 11, and one girl age 8.

I finished massage therapy school in 2005 with the intentions of owning my own business, so I could be at home with my children.

My mother's house was being foreclosed on and that was a burden on me. She eventually lost her house and had to come stay with my family and me.

My husband was not pleased, so he up and walked out on us, even though I was on disability for my asthma.

I lost my brand new car, townhouse and self-esteem. Just to make ends meet, I applied for a security job, even though I was not well.

I would go to work sick, but I kept going because I knew that somewhere someone else was doing worse than me.

I had to let my disability go and I worked long hours up until May 16, 2008. I was involved in a head-on collision because I thought I could make it to work.

I had only two hours of sleep that day and I figured I would go to work and just rest in the car for a few minutes, but that did not happen.

The lady I hit was not injured thank God, but I broke my left fibula and tibia straight across. The heel of my right foot was hanging off.

They had to use the Jaws of Life to remove me from the car. I was in the hospital for one week and rehab for two weeks, because they had me in bandages up to my knees on both legs.

My left leg had staples from my ankle almost to my knees. My right foot had two surgeries and they had to reconstruct it. They were talking about amputation at one time, but they were able to save it.

I was able to get Social Security immediately being that I had been on it before.

All these events have affected my oldest son the most. He was an honor student from first to fifth grade. He was nominated for Mercer University's College for Kids before all this happened.

Now he has low self-esteem, he makes Cs, Ds, and Fs. He used to be happy all the time; now he is always negative. I'm working on him because my problems and failures in life aren't his.

Today we struggle with food and gas, and we never have any entertainment money.

My doctor told me that I shouldn't stand for long periods of time due to my injuries, so I decided to go back to school.

Right now I am in my third quarter of school at ITT Tech. I am majoring in criminal justice. I would love to one day be an honorable judge.

My second son received the president's award for academic achievement. My daughter is an A, B honor roll student.

My father died May 14, 2010. He was a US Air Force veteran.

We might not have any money, a little furniture and food, but we have each other and God has blessed us with positive people who give us inspiration.

Thank you for reading my life story and for pointing us to any available help.

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