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Single Mother With Multiple Disabilities Seeks Bill Paying Government Grant

by Eloise Styles
(Auburn, Georgia, USA)

I am a 47-year-old divorced disabled single mother of two. I have a son and a daughter who is disabled with autism and epilepsy.

I've been diabetic since childhood, and I'm disabled now from a massive heart attack I had in 2004.

After my heart attack I was told that my kidneys were failing. I was put on dialysis and told to get on a list for a kidney and pancreas transplant.

After the transplant, which I received in August of 2005 after spending a few months in the hospital, my future looked kind of grim, but I kept my head up and stayed strong.

I am still disabled today and will be for the rest of my life, not because of the transplant but because of my heart attack.

I do receive disability benefits and so does my daughter, but as everyone knows it is not enough to survive on.

As a parent, I just want to make sure that my children have what they need to succeed. As we all know, today in this world, life does not come easy for people with disabilities.

I know firsthand how cruel it can be when you are trying the best you can to make sure you live in a home where that home won't be taken away from you and your utilities won't get turned off.

I have been living in constant daily fear thinking that I will soon lose my home or something will get turned off and my children will suffer for it.

It is also getting harder to transport my children back and forth to school due to rising gas prices. Riding on a school bus is not an option.

I do get social security, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, but I make a little too much to get SSI. My social security isn't enough to make ends meet.

I have tried other options for grants etc, but they are always wanting money I don't have.

I even asked for help for my power through a source for needy families and they say they are out of funds.

I can't work even part-time. I've looked for work-at-home jobs, but there again, they ask for funds I don't have and they kind of scare me.

What I am looking for is help in keeping my head above water in paying my bills in whatever manner that is. I don't know exactly what you would call it.

All I know is, is that I am tired of not sleeping and being stressed out wondering if tomorrow I will lose everything I have worked so hard for all my life.

My children will be the ones to suffer especially my disabled daughter. She needs stability.

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