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Sister Needing Government Disability Grants To Cover Medical Costs

by Judy
(Kennesaw, GA, USA)

This request is for my sister needing government disability grants to cover medical costs.

She has end stage COPD -- asthma and pulmonary disease and diabetes and high blood pressure. She is tethered to oxygen and cannot survive without it.

She has been able to fight this for about six years now. But she had to stop working four years ago. Fortunately she receives enough disability to make her house payment and cover a few bills.

She can either pay her utilities or pay her medicine co-pays but there are not enough funds to pay both.

She takes great pride in being as independent as she can, when she can. At least she still lives in her home and is no cost to the government for housing.

As best I can, I do the work around the house and buy a few groceries. At 60 years old, my capabilities are limited. Unfortunately food assistance and utility assistance is not available to her.

She is 55 years old and not considered in the elderly help category. My health is not that good and I must return to Florida soon. I cannot hold out much more with no money.

Now, she does not need a lot of monthly help but around $400 would enable her to at least pay her utilities and her medicine and not have to do without them. Her medicines cost around $400 each month and that is her co-pay amount.

So, I am asking and praying that someone out there will have some way of directing me to the right place for help.

I have paid several fees for help with grants only to be put in the circle that never ends and with nothing coming out positive or even helpful. Just take the fee and never hear again.

I can do no more but ask for your help and considerations in helping my sister find government disability grants to cover medical costs.

Thank you for allowing me to tell my story. I also solicit your prayers.

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