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Spine Disease Disabled Man Needs Grant Help To Recover Benefits And Life

by Richard Clay
(Rome, Georgia, USA)

I am a 33-year-old unmarried and childless man disabled by a rare spinal cord disease.

Out of four children, I am my parents' only son. While growing up, my family moved a lot because my father was a marine.

I hold a very strong passion for music and I'm also pursuing a career as a vocalist in the "biz" as this has always been a dream of mine.

I will not allow a diagnosis to take my dreams from me, nor will I allow it to ever keep me from reaching my goals in life.

Just over three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord disease. There is very little research for syringomyelia.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this life altering, debilitating condition. I am prescribed large doses of pain medication on a daily basis.

I continuously experience pain, loss of sensation to hot and cold temperatures in my limbs, loss of feeling or numbness in limbs and constant neck and back pain.

It's hard to grasp and turn objects. I am no longer able to comfortably sit at a computer, and this was once a hobby of mine.

I am unable to ever lift more than 10 pounds.

I currently have no income due to being terminated from my previous employer (AT&T) for issues caused by the disease.

The company denied me both short-term and long-term disability benefits, even though I was entitled to receive them.

I cannot pay my bills, keep my utilities active and current or pay my rent. My vehicle is a hazard to drive. I want my life back!

I've applied for SSI and SSDI. I've researched funding opportunities specific to my condition, but no one seems to be able to assist me.

I cannot keep an attorney interested in my case because AT&T is a self-insured company and apparently is lawfully allowed to discriminate by purposely denying a disability claim to save the company money when the leave is medically requested and required by a personal physician.

I need medical benefits to allow the required MRI scans that I am currently more than two years behind on receiving.

I'm also interested in grants, SSI, SSDI, SSI lawyer, advice, consoling, etc. I'm looking for an attorney that will get me the rights and money I deserve.

I wish to no longer feel as though I'm a forgotten American struggling to survive with my disability. I want my life back.

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Jul 09, 2012
Dont give up
by: Erasmo(Eddie)

Hey Richard, how's it going? My name is Eddie Gutierrez and I myself struggled so bad in getting my SSI disability. In the beginning I guess we all get denied and I was told not to get discouraged. I did though. Then I had to appeal it and type a letter on reconsidering why I felt I was needing SSI disability. It really helped that my father wrote a long letter to the judge who was handling my case. I did get an attorney in the end. In your case it would really benefit you. I used an attorney out of Texas and I live in Washington state. Their name is Heard and Smith. They worked fast on my case and it was all done within three months. My father is also a Marine who served in Vietnam and has been exposed to agent orange. It seems that that chemical had a big impact on them vets and some of their offspring, like my little brother. He developed coronary artery disease at the age of 20 and has had several heart attacks. He was born with a spine disease where he has no bottom spine bone and some of his back bones are open. All these symptoms are on the list of what agent orange could have caused. I wish you the best of luck, Richard. I understand how hard it is to feel that nobody out there wants to hear us out and give us a helping hand, but don't give up. Take care and good luck.

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