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How The Disability Digest Helps You Maximize Your SSDI And Medicare Benefits

Updated August 5, 2017

Who's next to join the 163,235 people with disabilities that The Disability Digest has already helped, for FREE, to get and/or maximize their SSDI and Medicare benefits?

Get SSDI Help
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Get Medicare Help
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The Disability Digest is a free resource for people on (or in need of) SSDI or Medicare. Since 2009, Ability Mission has partnered with the Digest because of the valuable FREE service it offers to people with disabilities.

Discover how The Disability Digest can help you glide through the maze of disability-related issues. You'll learn how to get FREE help to...

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  • Get approved for SSDI.
  • Get approved for Medicare.
  • Maximize your SSDI benefits.
  • Maximize your Medicare benefits.
  • Find real paying jobs.
  • Find other income sources.
  • Live in acceptable housing.
  • Get government disability grants.
  • Discover treatment options.
  • Connect to and learn from others.
  • Access financial and legal aid.
  • Join related support groups.
  • Access veterans benefits.

Here's what Brian Therrien, founder of the Digest, says, "The Disability Digest is the result of 18 months of research and almost 1,200 interviews. It includes 24 detailed sections with the very latest facts about Disability, plus essential resources to help you cope."

We strongly encourage you to at least look into the FREE SSDI help and the FREE Medicare help you can get from The Disability Digest.