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Tourette Disabled Lacrosse Playing 19 Year Old Seeks Government Education Grant

by John White
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Lacrosse has changed my life!

Lacrosse has changed my life!

I am 19 years old and I have been battling Tourette syndrome for over 10 years.

Every day I have to go through life trying to ignore the stares and whispers I hear, because people are wondering what is wrong with me and why I am making weird noises.

We live in a society where if something is different it must be bad and because of this I am judged and looked down on as being some kind of freak.

I have gone through middle school, high school, and now I am trying to get through college facing the same issues and problems daily.

I have found the one thing that gives me an outlet to be normal and be part of society. I have picked up the game of lacrosse and have practiced so much that I am extremely good.

Due to some serious knee injuries my dream of a free college education was taken from me. Lacrosse is the only thing that keeps me socially accepted but I cannot afford to play or go to school because I cannot afford the heavy tuition.

Lacrosse is my cure because when I play I forget about everything and just see the field. It is my outlet and the reason I can manage to keep going school and can ignore the discrimination I get from my disease.

It is hard to find work because I have trouble talking with people and my Tourette's makes it hard to do interviews, talk with clients, leaving me almost helpless.

I am asking for your help so I can go to college and afford to get a degree and play lacrosse. I am just asking for help to get through college so I can try to live a normal life.

A government grant can allow me to get an education and continue to play lacrosse, which will give me some value in this world.

I had a 4.5 in high school and after this semester will have a 4.0. I just need some help for the hard work and struggles I have faced. Thank you for your time and reading this.

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