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Woman Seeks Transportation Grant To Relocate Disabled Sister From Florida

by Loretta
(The Dalles, Oregon, USA)

I live in Oregon. My disabled sister lives in Florida. I have not seen her for 30 years, due to the distance, money and my own fear of flying.

My sister now is sick along with being disabled. At the moment she is in the hospital, with congestive heart failure.

I do not have the money to go see her and would like to get her here to live with me.

To do that, she would have to have medical transport. I can't afford this nor can she.

The guilt I have is awful with us being so far apart. And I can't bear that if she were to die, I might never see her ever again.

Listening to her in pain was hard on me and makes me want to have her with me more.

I feel if she could be with me in Oregon, that she would be happy and so would I, and it's money that stops this from becoming true.

I'm on social security and get $650 a month. But I am healthier than she is so I could care for her and just be with her.

This is my only hope of getting help in getting her here to be with me and for her to spend her final days being with me, her sister.

My dreams of seeing her again after 30 years would make us both very happy, and would maybe help her able to not give up.

I can only hope to get the help I need in making this dream possible.

Thank you!

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