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Work Accident Disabled Man Seeks Hand Up With Available Government Grant

by Freddie
(Marietta, GA, USA)

My Two Angels

My Two Angels

I'm 30 years old, married to a wonderful lady and I have a brilliant seven-year-old little girl.

I have been disabled since 2003 and tried to accept my lot after that since I do have big limitations, but I have never settled for it. I still have always strived for a better life and have finally found a way to achieve it.

In March of 2003, I was employed at a home improvement store, and was injured on the job. I was made to lift an 800 lb water fountain on my own and it ruptured six of my lower lumbar vertebrae.

Not long after they progressed to degenerative disc disease and 300 lb weight gain due to my lack of mobility, which forced me into a deep depression, later being diagnosed as manic-depressive with severe anxiety.

My current disability status is listed as 100% disabled and my back is only getting worse because of the degenerative disc disease.

Before my injury, and progression to my current status, I have gone through extremely difficult financial hardship.

My now ex-wife and I were forced to move every few months with my infant daughter.

We have since ended the marriage and I have met the person I never thought that I would find. She completes us.

I believe that my family and I would sincerely not have been able to get out of some of the financial situations without the donations and kindnesses of others.

My SSI income does not stretch very far and my wife has had a difficult time maintaining a job with the current economic status of our struggling economy.

This has left us dependent upon SSI as the only source of income. Due to my health issues it would be impossible for me to have or maintain employment, though I wish I were able to.

I am asking, at this time, for grants to assist in my search for economic stability for my family and myself.

If I were able to complete my goal, it would ease, not only our economic status but so many others as well.

We certainly possess southern charm and hospitality and don't turn any one away. If we are able to assist we do.

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